Job Description

The purpose of the staff position of Children’s Pastor is to provide general oversight of the children’s ministry of the Church. This oversight includes working with the staff members and volunteers, and care for the children and participating families.

General oversight

The Children’s Pastor should be current in teaching techniques, 2021 curriculums, and relevant tools to enhance the teaching and spiritual growth of the children.

Supervision of staff and volunteers

This position includes recruitment and developing volunteers. The ability to evaluate, assign, and train adult workers.

Care and nurturing of children

The employee needs to know what materials are relevant to what ages and techniques and methods to communicate biblical truth to various age groups. In all cases, this position requires someone who has an understanding of what children are facing in today's society.

Family care

The Children’s Pastor will need a solid knowledge of how to help parents and their respective children. This care may include, how to teach children biblical truth, forms of proper child discipline, helping kids cope with life and family issues.

Relation to the Staff

The Children’s Pastor will work with and under the Senior Pastor and his Executive Assistant. Together, they will provide general oversight and supervision to ensure that the children’s ministry’s goals and objectives are synced with the church’s overall vision and direction.

Experience Required
1 – 5 years
Education Required
High school diploma
Job Type

Longview, Texas
Church Size