Minister of Preschool and Children

First Baptist Church Port Neches | Port Neches, Texas

Job Description

Principal Function: To give guidance, supervision, and promotion to Birth through 6th grade ministries of the church. 

Staff Relationship: Shall work under the guidance and supervision of the Senior Pastor, in cooperation with other staff members. 


  1. Lead the church in planning, conducting and evaluating a comprehensive ministry of Preschool through Children’s Christian education.
  2. Direct the enlistment and training of workers for the church ministry organizations.
  3. Coordinate and implement all aspects of Vacation Bible School.
  4. Work with the ministry leaders to coordinate visitation and lead workers to visit prospects and absentees.
  5. Establish regular communication with Preschool and Children Teams as suggested in the Committee Team Manual.
  6. Advise in the use of program materials, equipment, supplies, and space in the church ministries. Maintain adequate supplies, literature and materials.
  7. Plan and conduct special projects for children ministries such as retreats, camps, summer programs, Fall Festivals, etc.
  8. Coordinate and enlist transportation for all off campus activities involving children’s ministry.
  9. Plan and conduct projects for preschool ministries.
  10. Assist in all church-wide evangelism events.
  11. Supervise the Mother’s Day Out Program.
  12. Enlist and hire paid childcare workers as needed.
  13. Supervise paid childcare workers.
  14. Prepare an annual budget for recommendation to the Finance Committee.
  15. Work with other members of the church staff in coordinating their work with the total church ministry.
  16. Develop, maintain, and consult the protective care regarding all workers and participants in all ministry activities.

Church Description

First Baptist Church of Port Neches had its beginning one hundred years ago, and during its history has known days of prosperity and adversity, times of great joy and sorrow. The vision of its people has seen it rejoice in strong faith and victory.

First Baptist Church, through the grace of our Lord, continues to grow in number and spirit. The people who make up the body of First Baptist Church realize that they are disciples with the presence of Christ - persons who have responded to God’s redemptive action and are committed to His task. Such are the people who have constituted the faithful, committed membership of this church.

Reflecting back over the past 100 years fills us with a realization that God has truly blessed His church. Our future is bright because the physical and spiritual resources are present. The success of the future relies on each member doing his or her best. Surely, “Your eyes have seen what the Lord has done… ," Deuteronomy 4:3a (NASB).

Our current pastor, Dr. Jason Martin came in view of a call June 25, 2017. Dr. Martin's first day in the pulpit was Sunday, August 6, 2017.

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Experience Required
1 – 5 years
Education Required
Bachelor’s degree
Job Type

Port Neches, Texas
Baptist: SBC
Church Size

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