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Small Washington North Coast church, with nearly 80 years of history, is seeking a Lead Pastor to build and take the church to the next level. We have had several Pastor with many tenures over 5-10 years in our long history. We have had bus ministries, music ministries, and more that have packed the church with hundreds of children over the years.

The world is changing, but our God never changes. The lost are still lost, but Jesus provides the Way. We want to see people saved, lived restored, and revived hearts!

Our next Lead Pastor should look like...

  1. A church leader, grounded in Biblical Truth and a passion for evangelizing the lost of our surrounding area.
  2. Has a heart for the young and old alike.
  3. Has the ability to bring sound Biblical teaching through preaching and teaching.
  4. Has the desire to grow a church to make an impact on the North Coast region of Washington State.
  5. Has a church planter's mindset, but a large church vision.
  6. Not afraid of playing the long-game to reestablish and grow an effective ministry at CCAOG.
  7. Has the ability to cross the generational and cultural barriers, without compromising God's Word.
  8. To provide relevant, challenging, and inspiring messages to help members grow spiritually.
  9. Has a passion for Worship, Fellowship, and the Word!
  10. Can agree with and support the Fundamentals of Faith as provided below by the General Council of the Assemblies of God.
  11. Is biblically Pentecostal/Charismatic in their theology.
  12. Is willing to be bi-vocational as we regrow the church.

About Us...

  1. We love to praise and worship.
  2. We desire to see the lost saved!
  3. We are small in number but have a giver's heart (100% tithing).
  4. We give to missions and local charities.
  5. We support our communities.
  6. We believe we are a beacon in our area - literally at the Crossing of several main roads to the North Beaches and Seabrook.
  7. We recently remodeled the church inside (Key rooms, nursery, bathrooms, and Sanctuary. Approximately 60% completed and want to complete the remodel in 2021.
  8. We want to grow spiritually and numerically in order to continue our ministry to our area.
  9. We are moving from traditional to contemporary in our services. We want to remain relevant to the pillars of our past but connect effectively with the current generation and families.
  10. We have a lot of potential and need the right Pastor to help provide vision and leadership for our future!


  1. Must believe and be in agreement with the following... (
  2. The Scriptures Inspired
  3. The One True God
  4. The Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ
  5. The Fall of Man
  6. The Salvation of Man
  7. The Ordinances of the Church
  8. The Baptism in the Holy Spirit
  9. The Initial Physical Evidence of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit
  10. Sanctification
  11. The Church and Its Mission
  12. The Ministry
  13. Divine Healing
  14. The Blessed Hope
  15. The Millennial Reign of Christ
  16. The Final Judgment
  17. The New Heavens and the New Earth
  18. Must currently hold or be eligible for credentials with the Assemblies of God or if holding other valid credentials in good standing, agree with the above doctrine and statement of faith.
  19. Must be able to meet the Biblical requirements of an Elder (1 Timothy 3:1–7; Titus 1:6–9)
  20. Must hold a Bachelors Degree or higher in a ministry field (ie - Divinity, Biblical Studies, Pastoral Ministry) or have a minimum of 10 years experience as a Senior or Lead Pastor.

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Experience Required
6 – 10 years
Education Required
Bachelor’s degree
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Copalis Crossing, Washington
Assemblies of God
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