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West Monroe, Louisiana

About McGuire United Methodist Church

McGuire United Methodist Church is a regional church located in West Monroe, LA. We come from different socio-economic backgrounds. We span all the generations with a significant number of people coming from every age and stage of life. We come from a variety of faith backgrounds including but not limited to Methodist, Catholic, Pentecostal, Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and no faith background at all. We are politically diverse with some who are Republicans, some who are Democrats, some who are Independents, and still others who are disinterested in politics. We have hunters and fisherman, and we have those who don’t do either. We are a diverse church, but we have one thing in common, our faith in Jesus Christ. Our mission is to share the love God, revealed in Jesus Christ, with the world. We live out this mission with a particular focus towards young families and children. 

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West Monroe, Louisiana

United Methodist

Church Size
75-125 people

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