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Airway Heights, Washington

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We want to see the people in the community of Airway Heights and Fairchild Air Force Base be impacted by the Gospel of Jesus.

The Gospel is not afraid of the Evils that exist, it means to create a community that stands FIRM in Jesus and evolves its believers.

Airway Heights is a city filled with beautiful people. The Gospel has true power and God has imprinted on our hearts a desire to share the beauty of the Gospel with the potential (people) of this community.

True wealth is found in the Lord, but hurting people often cannot see past themselves and turn to the light of Truth, Grace, and Mercy. We are going to bring Jesus into this hurting community, surrounding neighborhoods with His love. Creating pockets of faith that will infect all who come into contact with it.

The Heights will exist to be a conduit for the Holy Spirit to connect with believers new and old. To nurture faith, create witness’, and expand the kingdom of Christ in a transient world

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Airway Heights, Washington


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