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Palm West Community Church is in Sun City West, Arizona in the west valley of the Phoenix metro area. We will be starting a modern worship service in the fall of 2022. Our desire is to offer a worship service that reaches attenders, 45 years of age and older, who have become accustomed to or who desire a more modern worship service. Our target audience will include both on-site and on-line worshipers.

Classification: Part time, with 2-5 years related experience.

Compensation: Between $21 to $28 per hour.

Reports to: Minister of Music and Media.

Work Schedule: Weekly (varying schedule of 12-24 hours per week, depending on weekly needs)

Job Objective: The Modern Worship Leader oversees worship service flow, song selection, musicians, and the overall performance for creating a well-organized, leading-edge worship experience that connects with our target audience. Collaborates and works cooperatively with other ministries across the church as the worship service will take place in a multi-usage area.

Primary Responsibilities:

a. Reports to the Minister of Music and Media, while leading the organization and planning of the contemporary worship service. Works in close connection to the Senior Pastor.

b. Recruits necessary musicians and singers for a quality worship experience and trains and maintains a cohesive worship team. One on-site worship practice is expected, and 3-4 hours on a Sunday morning for preparation, the worship service, and storing equipment and securing the building.

c. Works with staff and volunteers to ensure that the audio, visual, and lighting are functional and enhancing to the worship service.

d. Submits a budget to the Minister of Music and Media each year with items needed to sustain and improve the worship service.

e. Communicates proactively to the Minister of Music and Media if non-budgeted needs arise.

f. Promptly responds to church and job-related emails, text messages, and phone calls.

g. Understands the unique environment of ministering in a retirement community and is willing to craft a worship environment that is relevant to that target audience.

Character Expectations:

1. Models the pursuit of godliness and seeks to motivate others to do likewise.

2. Candidate shall provide a written “Theology of Worship” statement outlining personal understanding/convictions pertaining to worship.

3. Is teachable and displays humility.

4. Practices good and transparent communication with the Senior Pastor, Minister of Music and Media, and all others under his/her leadership.

5. Develops relationships with unbelievers so as to be personally effective in pursuing the Great Commission and helping the church to do the same.

6. PWCC membership (regular or associate) following appropriate time frame.


a. Displays an adequate level of quality in musical abilities such as reading music, performing with a strong lead singing voice; plays guitar or keyboard, and seeks to always improve.

b. Demonstrates comfort as a servant leader in building and leading a team of musicians that inspire and move the congregation in worship.

c. Possesses some skill and experience in audio/visual and lighting. Should be proficient in modern technology such as Ableton Live, ProPresenter or other equivalent technologies.

d. Coordinates song media preparation with Media Technologist.

e. Demonstrates proficiency with music software, backing tracks, writing lead sheets, and vocal harmonies. Annual Evaluation:

Agrees to an annual evaluation led by the Minister of Music and Media and is willing to address and if necessary, make changes according to the recommendations based on that evaluation.


a. Works required hours per week and is permitted to work off site to do preparation and planning.

b. Receives professional allowance, including reimbursement for work related expenses.

c. Paid vacation of a maximum of 2 weeks after service requirements met and prorated based on hours worked,

with the expectation that the responsibilities of the ministry are covered during time off.


a. The church is an at-will employer. An employee's job may be terminated by the Senior Pastor at any time due

to character issues or for any other job related reason. The employee may choose to leave the job at any time.

(It is encouraged to give at least a two-week's notice prior to leaving the position.)

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