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Finding Jesus Is Better Together

What if your life was one step away from becoming what you always dreamed it could be? Whether you bring a strong faith with you, or a weary heart, you are welcome here. Come and find out what "God is love," truly means.

Leading People To A Life-Changing Relationship With Jesus

If God could take a little brick building on Tibet Ave in 1964, and make it into what Compassion Christian Church is today—what could He do through you? Our vision from the day of its founding, up until today has remained the same: to welcome people into our church, and pray they walk out feeling like they have a home.

Over the years, we've seen an expansion that covers six campuses, a multi-racial, multi-generational congregation, and a church that has made it its mission to lead people to Jesus not just in Southeast Georgia, but all across the world.

When people come to know God at Compassion, whether it's through a mission trip, discipleship group, or during a service, we are reminded why we do what we do. From our beliefs, to the core of our ministry, it all points to a Savior named Jesus who is compassionate, and compassion says something along the lines of: this is who I am, but who you are matters too, and I want to help you discover that.

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