Communications Director interview questions and answers

Essential questions you should ask when hiring a Communications Director.

As a refresher the church communications director’s role within the church is to do just that, direct the communications. This includes the overseeing of the media team as they work in recording, broadcasting, and live streaming the services to those who are unable to leave home due to extenuating circumstances so those who cannot be there physically can still be a part of and actively participate in the culture of the church. They are essential to the church as they are the ones getting the sermons out to those who cannot be there and put them online for other people to see.

If you’re looking to fill a role in your church for the communications director and are struggling to come up with some questions to ask your candidates during the interviews, we at JustChurchJobs are here to help you! We are going to provide a short list of what we think are the best interview questions to ask to find the right fit for your church! We hope that this list of interview questions will be useful to you and so, without further ado, let’s get into it!

What is your testimony?

We here at JustChurchJobs believe that this question should always be asked first and foremost no matter what role it is you are trying to fill within your church. A testimony is an individual’s life story of what their life was like before they came to salvation in Christ, when they came to salvation in Christ, and their transformed life after experiencing salvation in Christ. Sharing a testimony requires vulnerability which is a key trait to have for any position in ministry and for sharing the gospel.

What software and media programs are you proficient in?

The role of the communications director requires a lot of experience and training in different forms of media and software. A candidate must have professional training and/or certifications in these media and software programs that shows they are proficient and knowledgeable in using them. You don’t want a candidate who doesn’t know how to use these programs because then the messages would not be able to be recorded and live streamed for those who cannot be there.

Can you give some examples of some media projects you have completed?

Asking your candidate this question will help you to gauge their creativity and how they uniquely use media to accomplish a task. The role of the communications director is not as simple as just recording and broadcasting sermons, but it also requires a degree of creativity in how the recording and broadcasting is delivered in different platforms.

What would you say your leadership style looks like?

You need to be able to gauge a candidates ability to lead and work over a team of people. The communications director will more than likely must find and manage media volunteers within the church who are willing to run things like the lights, cameras, and sound as the communications director would not be able to do all of that alone. You need to be sure they can lead over a team of volunteers to make sure that the services run smoothly technology wise.

How would you handle a technological issue that happens during a service or event?

This question would help to give you an idea of the candidates problem solving skills and their innovativeness. Technology is useful but comes with its fair share of issues and those issues can affect how a church service or church event runs. A candidate needs to be able to handle these issues as they come up with as quickly as possible while also maintaining a cool head about things.

What are some unique ways that you can spread the gospel in this role?

This is another question to look at a candidates creativity and how they would come up with unique ways to take their fire for the Lord and for sharing the gospel and putting that into their work. The candidate should be able to come up with unique ways to incorporate the gospel into the media platforms of the church to spread the gospel however they can.

We hope that this short guide of interview questions has been helpful to you and at the very least we hope that this has gotten you thinking about some questions that you have and can ask your candidates! We here at JustChurchJobs are here to help you however we can! If you are struggling to find high-quality candidates to fill your communications director role, we would love to help with that too!

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