Family Pastor interview questions and answers

Essential questions you should ask when hiring a Family Pastor.

The role of the family pastor is an essential role of the church. Just as a reminder, the family pastor’s role is to oversee and lead the families of the church and bring aid and wisdom to help parents in every stage of their lives whether that is through pre-marital counseling, parenting seminars for newborns, toddlers, children, and teens, and holding other familial counseling services dedicated to serving the families. The family pastor is essential in the mentoring and discipleship of the families of the church and is an important role to have filled to make sure that your church runs smoothly.

We here at JustChurchJobs understand the value that the family pastor brings and are dedicated to helping those who need it however we can and so today we have come up with a list of potential interview questions that we think are the best questions to ask when searching for the right person to fill your family pastor role. Let’s jump right into it then, shall we?

What is your testimony?

Here at JustChurchJobs believe that this question should always be asked first and foremost no matter what role it is you are trying to fill within your church. A testimony is an individual’s life story of what their life was like before they came to salvation in Christ, when they came to Christ, and their life after being transformed through salvation in Christ. Sharing a testimony requires vulnerability which is a key trait to have for any position in ministry and for sharing the gospel.

What is your view on mentorship?

This question is important to ask because as the family pastor, a candidate would have to be mentoring families through every stage of life. Candidates need to understand this and have positive and Biblical views on mentorship to make a positive impact on the families of the church.

How would you mentor a couple through a marriage crisis?

This is a more practical question that would help you to gauge the problem-solving skills of a candidate. They need to be aware that they will face challenges such as this and they need to be able to coach and mentor couples and families through these kinds of hard times. They need to be able to do it Biblically and in a way that shows both grace and truth to those they are mentoring.

Can you describe your call to family ministry?

This is a good question to ask to not only be able to learn more about a potential candidate but also to see how God is working in and through them and what they are passionate about specific to family ministry. If they do not feel God calling them into this position or do not have a desire or passion to work closely with families then the candidate should not be considered any further.

Would you describe yourself as a good active listener and if yes explain?

Active listening is a big part of the role of the family pastor. Active listening is giving someone your full attention rather than just some of it and it is key in being a family pastor. When families come to the family pastor with their issues and problems, they need to be heard completely, not just partly. This shows that the family pastor cares and allows for them to understand all the details to help go forward with the family and help them. Candidates need to be able to be active listeners.

How well do you manage stress?

This is an important question to ask because you need to be sure that whomever you choose to fill your family pastor role can handle the stress that comes with the job and handle it well. Family pastors deal with a lot of issues among families and must deal with people at their worst. It can be overwhelming and someone who is going to fill the position needs to be able to cope with their stress healthily and manage it to where they do not become overwhelmed and burn out.

We hope that this interview question guide has been beneficial and useful for you, and you go forward to find the right person to fill the family pastor role of your church! We here at JustChurchJobs are here to help in whatever way that we can and if you are struggling to find high-quality family pastor candidates, we would love to help you with that too!

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