Worship Pastor interview questions and answers

Essential questions you should ask when hiring a Worship Pastor.

The worship pastor is one of the most integral roles of the church no matter what church it is. The worship pastor’s role deals with the leading and facilitating of the music and worship of the church and the providing of the space for the congregation to worship together. They are also in charge of the creating of the music sets and leading practices with the worship volunteers. Just as a reminder the worship pastor is more involved than just this and often their duties can overlap in other areas of the church. They work very closely with the media team to help record and live stream services and often help with other pastoral duties.

Here at JustChurchJobs we want to help you in your search to find the right candidate for the role of worship pastor of your church and want to provide some interview questions that we think are the best interview questions to ask. So, as we continue forward, I just want to say to remember that these questions are not the end all be all. Get creative and ask questions that are important to you during the hiring process! This is more of a guide to help get you started!

What is your testimony?

As has been the case for all these interview question articles so far, we at JustChurchJobs think that this question is the first and foremost important question you should ask anyone you are thinking about hiring. A testimony is someone’s life story of who they were before Christ, when they met Christ, and their life after accepting Christ and a willingness to share their testimony reveals vulnerability and a desire to share the gospel.

What is your view on worship?

This question goes without saying that the candidate should have a biblical view on worship, any candidate that views worship as a secondary practice or is looking to lead worship for their own glory should not be considered in the slightest.

How does the practice of worship fall into pastoral care?

This is an important question to ask because the act and practice of worship with music is not something that is reserved just for the stage on a Sunday morning before a message is taught. The candidate should understand and have a desire to facilitate worship no matter where they go blending worship into the realm of pastoral care.

Are you in this for the glory of God or for your own glory?

This is another incredibly important question to ask. There is always going to be attention when you are put into the spotlight, but the candidate should have the desire to shift the spotlight onto God and God alone, not on themselves. The goal of worship is not the worship of self but the worship of the one true God.

Are you willing to mentor others and be mentored?

This question is one that should really be asked of any staff you are looking to hire but more so for the worship pastor. The candidate should have the desire to not be the one and only person up on the stage leading worship for the congregation, there should be a desire to teach and mentor others to help facilitate and lead worship so that they may be sent out to help lead and facilitate worship everywhere they go. They also must have a desire to be taught and poured into as well to develop and solidify their identity in Christ.

What are some unique ways to facilitate worship?

This question will really gauge how innovative and creative the candidate is and how their mind works. Worship is not simply just music, and the candidate should understand that there are many different forms of worship and should be able to facilitate and lead in those different ways.

We at JustChurchJobs hope that this job question interview guide has been helpful to you and hope that you find the right candidate that fits best for what you’re looking for! If you are having trouble finding high quality candidate well then we at JustChurchJobs can help with that too!

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