Director of Finance

Christ United Methodist Church

Job Description


Director of Finance


Position Summary

The Director of Finance will be responsible for the implementation of costs effective and efficient accounting and financial systems, policies and processes to meet the current and future business requirements of Christ United Methodist Church.


Specific Roles/Responsibilities

·       Develop accounting controls and systems as needed. Monitor systems to ensure that procedures are performed in accordance with Finance Committee directions.              

·       Oversee the Cash Management function, including banking and Methodist Foundation relationships.            

·       Manage the payroll function ensuring efficient systems, process and controls.     

·       Oversee the continuous improvement of Accounting and Financial Processes.     

·       Develop and oversee accounting policies and procedures to meet both current and future business needs.  

·       Manage the financial system, ensuring maximum productivity and that it meets the needs of Christ UMC today and in the future.      

·       Develop and oversee an internal review function to ensure compliance of finance and operations controls and policies.      

·       Ensure Christ UMC is in compliance with all internal policies, relevant regulations and required filings.       

·       Oversee the annual audit of Christ UMC Financial Statements.    

·       Oversee processing of accounts payable, invoices, purchase orders, disbursement of funds, payment of expenses and general ledger posting.

·       Supervise reconciliation of bank accounts and all brokerage accounts monthly for various funds and entities.          

·       Oversee maintenance of payroll master files and preparation of semi-monthly salaried and hourly payrolls for all departments, supervise invoice processing, maintaining the general ledger. 

·       Reconcile payroll taxes reported and paid monthly, quarterly and annually.          

·       Oversee preparation of annual forms 1099 and distribute.            


Cash and Risk Management:

·       Closely monitor bank balances to ensure adequate operating cash and to invest excess funds in accordance with Finance Committee guidelines to achieve maximum return on secure investments.    

·       Responsible for the management of the general insurance program for the church which includes liability, property, auto, workmen’s compensation, etc.   

·       Oversee the annual insurance renewal process and ensure appropriate coverage is maintained at all times.



·       Develop Finance and Accounting goals that are fully aligned with the church goals.    

·       Ensure that the finance department delivers the highest standard of departmental teamwork and customer service.             

·       Provide guidance and support to administration and staff as required.     






·       Compile and monitor operating and capital budgets in cooperation with the finance committee, church administration and staff. Maintain general ledger for all funds and prepare detailed line item reports comparing actual results to budget.           

·       Prepare monthly accrual basis financial statements including balance sheet and income statement for each fund and combined funds.    

·       Prepare monthly reports showing contribution statistics and status of pledges.   

·       Compile financial reports for annual conference as required.       

·       Maintain minutes of all finance committee meetings.      

·       Prepare projections of estimated contributions and cash flow as needed.              

·       Assist Finance, Trustee and Executive committee’s with information necessary to make sound decisions as needed.            

·       Assist administration and staff with information and reports as needed.  



·       Assist stewardship committee and administration with the annual pledge campaign. 

·       Oversee posting and classification of pledges, analyze and monitor pledges to project totals necessary to meet budget.              

·       Lead the annual business plan development and budgeting process         

·       Lead the financial modeling and analysis to support long term strategic initiatives and adequate reserves. 


Customer Service:

·       Assist church members and brokers in processing contributions of securities and other property. 

·       Work with members on inquiries concerning their accounts.       

·       Assist administration and staff as needed to reach goals.

·       Support the volunteer committees: Finance Committee; Trustee Committee; Staff Parish Relation Committee; Executive Committee.           



The following competencies describe key abilities that lead to successful performance in this position. These competencies are linked to the essential functions of the job. The employee in this position may be evaluated on these competencies as part of CUMC’s performance appraisal process.

·       Planning & Organizing: The ability to organize and schedule work-related events, activities and resources

·       Quality Orientation: The ability to follow through on one’s words and actions to ensure that both quality and productivity standards are met

·       Persuasiveness: The ability to influence or convince others in a way that results in acceptance, agreement and/or behavior change

·       Oral Communication: The ability to speak clearly, fluently, and in a compelling manner to both individuals and groups

·       Written Communication: The ability to write in a clear and concise manner, using appropriate grammar, style, and language for the reader

·       Creativity & Innovation: The ability to create new and/or imaginative approaches to work-related issues

·       Interpersonal Sensitivity: The ability to interact with others in a sensitive, tactful and effective manner

·       Resilience: The ability to remain calm, stable and in control of one’s emotions in the face of work-related setbacks and pressures

·       Flexibility: The ability to respond positively and efficiently to changing demands and conditions within one’s workplace




Minimum Qualifications

These minimum qualifications are based on the essential functions of the job. If a candidate believes that he/she is qualified for the job but does not possess the minimum qualifications set forth below, he/she may request special consideration through substitution of related education and/or experience.  Any request for special consideration must be addressed to CUMC’s Human Resources Director in writing.

·       A strong commitment to Christian faith and an understanding of, or a willingness to learn, embrace and teach the theology of CUMC

·       A Bachelor's Degree from an accredited four-year college or university

·       10 years working knowledge in accounting and finance with at least 5 years of supervisory experience

·       Prior experience in church accounting is preferred

·       Knowledge of fund accounting, financial statement preparation and financial reporting

·       Analytical and problem solving skills

·       Attention to detail and high level of accuracy

·       Demonstrated initiative and the ability to work effectively within time constraints

·       Knowledge of computerized accounting programs; spreadsheets and word-processing programs

·       Ability to maintain confidentiality concerning financial and employee files

·       Proficient knowledge of, and applied experience with, Selby and Microsoft Office programs (e.g., Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

·       The ability to exert up to 20 pounds of force occasionally, up to 10 pounds frequently, and/or a negligible amount of force constantly to move objects

·       The ability to stand, reach and handle; he/she may also occasionally be asked to climb or kneel

·       The ability to see objects clearly at 20 inches or less, and at 20 or more feet; the ability to adjust one’s eyes to bring objects into focus, distinguish colors, see objects in one’s peripheral vision, and see objects in three dimensions

·       The ability and willingness to travel locally, regionally and/or occasionally nationally and internationally


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Experience Required
11 – 15 years


Education Required
Bachelor’s degree

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1 year ago
Jackson, Mississippi

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Church Size
750-1,000 people

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