Associate Pastor

Wellspring Church

Job Description

Type: Full-Time

Location: San Ramon, California

Posted by: Wellspring Church

Date Applications Open: August 2021

Date Applications Close: October 2021


Purpose and Scope: The Associate Pastor works under the direction and supervision of the lead pastor and to join the elders in pastoral and administrative functions for all areas of church ministry, to provide pastoral and administrative support to the elders in all areas of church ministry. He will also assist the lead pastor and collaborate with the leadership and staff in planning, implementing, conducting and evaluating ministry systems to execute the vision and mission of Wellspring Church.


  • Agreement with Wellspring Church’s theological distinctives, vision, and mission
  • Meets all of the character qualifications of elder as stated in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1
  • Personal devotion to live in light of the Gospel, a continuing awareness of a need for the Savior, and a heart open to grow and mature in Christ
  • Shepherding heart who sees God’s people as Christ’s Bride and has eyes of compassion, as a shepherd who protects and cares for both the church and his own family
  • Personable and relational who enjoys people and adapting to the needs of ministry wherever that leads him
  • Self-starter who actively pursues ministry and people, rather than passively awaiting instructions
  • Supported by a wife who encourages him to serve the church freely and joyously, but walks the tension of managing his family well (1 Tim 3:5)
  • Experience developing creative solutions through proven problem-solving techniques to address complex challenges
  • Strong organization and project management skills, ensuring timely delivery of ministry objectives
  • Experience in ministry developing, mentoring, and coaching leaders
  • Able to teach and expositionally preach gospel-centered, biblically based messages
  • Master’s degree or equivalent with Bible, Theology, or Ministry 


  • Actively participates in the life of the church, for example through Sunday Worship, small groups, etc. Family participation in the life of the church is significant
  • Able to evaluate the different ministries of the church and propose different areas of growth and progress
  • Helps the pastor to continue to guide and lead the church to fulfill the vision and values of the church
  • Assists the pastor and elders with various pastoral needs of the church, which could include, counseling, preaching, teaching, etc.
  • Oversees Gospel Communities and Discipleship Groups, Wellspring’s discipleship and small group ministries
  • Leads and participates in the church’s assimilation efforts, proactively meeting with visitors and members, and developing strategies to connect them to the community and ministries of the church
  • Coaches and supports ministry leaders to help them flourish and accomplish their objectives in support of the church’s mission
  • Provides vision and direction for the systems and support necessary to execute the mission of the church
  • Facilitates the flow of information to and from the staff, church officers, and ministry team leaders
  • Assists the pastor and collaborate with officers in developing short- and long-term plans to assure faithful and fruitful progress in all goal-oriented ministries; provide the tools and monitor progress against those plans
  • Works with other staff and leaders to handle facility and day-to-day necessities of church business and ministry
  • Oversees organization of weekend worship services, regular weekday ministries, and special events, ensuring they run smoothly to serve the church’s ministry goals
  • Assists the Pastor in preparation of elder meetings, including documentation, communication, and etc. as situation may require
  • Participates on committees as appointed or as necessary to support various church initiatives
  • Oversees recruitment strategy, assessments, training, and supervision of volunteers
  • Develops policies and controls to best serve the purpose and needs of the church
  • Works with elders to develop and manage the staff and operations budgets
  • Assumes all other responsibilities assigned by the pastor

Reports to:


Salary and Benefits:

To be determined, based on experience and qualifications

About Wellspring Church

We glorify God by making disciples of Jesus through the gospel in life, community, and mission. We are located in San Ramon, California, about 40 minutes east of San Francisco.

Experience Required
6 – 10 years


Education Required
Master’s degree

Date Posted
2 years ago
San Ramon, California


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