Student Minister

Ellerbe Baptist

Job Description

General:   The Minister of Students is responsible first for contributing to the overall development and wellbeing of the church in general and secondly to the growth and development of the student ministries of the church in particular. In addition to the various responsibilities assigned by the Pastor, the Minister of Students will also perform the following:


I.               Students

·      Prepare and administer the Student Ministry Program.

·      Purchase supplies as needed for Student ministry.

·      Plan and Implement the Sunday School, Discipleship, and weekday activities.

·      Plan and conduct enrichment opportunities for the youth of our church, such as: Youth Camp, retreats, Disciple Now, etc

·      Promote training opportunities for adult leadership such as planning meetings, training courses, clinics, workshops, and denominational training activities.

·      Seek to discover and win to Christ young people and adults who may be prospects for the ministries of our church.

·      Encourage and assist youth section workers and youth themselves in winning persons for Christ and enlisting them to active church membership.

·      Keep abreast of new materials, procedures, and educational methods that apply to the youth educational organizations.

·      Visit schools and extracurricular activities as school policies and schedule allow.

II.            Administration

·      Be directly responsible to the Pastor in all matters.

·      Prepare, submit, and manage budgets for the Student Ministry and other areas as assigned by the Pastor.

·      Lead in the recruitment of needed volunteer workers.

·      Assist in managing maintenance personnel.

·      Assist in preparation for and participate in all church-wide events.

III.          Minister

·      Perform services ascribed to ordained Ministers.

·      Aid in worship services.

·      Counsel.

·      Be available and approachable.

·      Conduct yourself as a ministering servant.

Experience Required
1 – 5 years


Education Required
Some college

Date Posted
2 years ago


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