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Job Description

Family Ministry Coordinator Job Description

Created July 23, 2019


Family Ministry Coordinator Purpose 

Eden church's mission is centered around belonging to God and the rich community that is created when the people of God are united. In order to further this mission, Eden Church must address the needs of families with children to whom we are commanded to minister. The position of Family Ministry Coordinator has been created to address this calling. In concert with our existing ministry programs, the family ministry programs must be Christ centered and based firmly in Biblical teaching. The details of the responsibilities for this position are listed below. 


·      The coordinator’s responsibilities include but are not limited to: 

o  maintaining a healthy and growing spiritual life and lead volunteers, teachers and leaders to do the same

o  staying in regular contact with families on their needs and expectations

o  regular outreach into the community to engage unchurched families

o  planning an overall long-term strategy for the family ministry program's general direction 

o  working with the Senior Pastor, Director of Discipleship and the Director of Worship Arts to ensure that curriculum and ministry directives are in line with the larger goals of the ministry staff 

o  seeking to disciple parents and their children together and lead them to invest in the mission and community of Eden Church 

o  establishing a family ministry committee to assist, advise and support the coordinator 

o  establishing programing from birth through 5th grade including Sunday school and additional program events as required

o  programing for parents to supplement current adult education efforts 

o  finding and coordinating volunteers for Sunday school teachers, nursery workers and volunteers for other family ministry events that may arise

·      Oversite & Structure: 

o  The coordinator will report to the Director of Discipleship until the ministry is well established. Program review meetings will happen every six months to determine progress and review the organizational structure of family ministry. These semi-formal reviews will be led by the Senior Pastor and will consist of a self-evaluation, a review from the Director of Discipleship and the Senior Pastor, and a team meeting to review the evaluation. 

o  This position is expected to average around 40 hours per week, allowing for the flexibility needed to address the needs of the program's schedule and the needs of the coordinator 

o  A bi-weekly time sheet will be submitted  

o  Regular office hours will be established with the approval of the Senior Pastor 

o  As part of the staff, time in the office may be required from time to time to support the office team, vacations, sick time and special events 

·      Benefits 

o  15 days of paid vacation after the first year 

o  Paid holidays as stated in the Employee Handbook

o  Sick time is available as stated in the Employee Handbook

o  The church does not provide healthcare benefit subsidies 

o  Continuing education funds are available for seminars, training, and degree programs as they relate to the position 

About Eden Church

Eden Church of Edwardsville is a protestant non-denominational church with a 150+ year history of serving our local community and the Lord. We are grounded in the beliefs of historic Christianity. We seek to live out those beliefs in the modern world, serving our neighbors and leading others to faith in Christ.

Position Filled
Experience Required
1 – 5 years


Education Required
Some college

Date Posted
10 months ago
Edwardsville, Illinois


Church Size
350-500 people

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