Job Description

The First Congregational Church of Boylston (FCCB), MA consisting of an involved, dedicated, and enthusiastic membership, is seeking a pastor for a congregation that, while valuing tradition, is also moving toward a blend of contemporary and classic worship elements. The church was founded in 1743, and remains the centerpiece of this picturesque, historic, New England community. With over 100 covenant members, FCCB is in need of a pastor who can be an effective Bible teacher, a deeply-caring shepherd for the congregation, godly, socially skilled, and savvy with technology and social media/networking. Through effective leadership, the pastor would inspire and motivate the church to accomplish its vision for growth. Our ideal candidate would be involved, along with the congregation, in community outreach, member visitations and counseling, support blended worship and/or multiple services, and provide support and guidance to youth and teen ministries. Applicants will be evaluated on a rolling basis until the Lord has worked to produce the proper candidate for this position.

Experience Required
6 – 10 years
Education Required
Master’s degree
Job Type

Boylston, Massachusetts
Church Size