On-Site Hospitality Associate

Meadowkirk | Middleburg, Virginia
Job Description

Leading Christian retreat center ministry in historic Northern Virginia is seeking an On-site Hospitality Associate to help implement key aspects of the organization’s guest experience. This is a hybrid position involving: (1) a primary focus on managing Meadowkirk’s guest group retreat reservations activity, and (2) participating in periodic guest group retreat hosting. Compensation commensurate with experience, and based on factors such as full-/part-time status and the use of on-site staff housing.

Among this key hospitality team member’s hybrid set of responsibilities will be the ability to:

PRIMARY ROLE: Implement and coordinate all aspects of Meadowkirk’s group reservations/bookings process, including:

o Initiating and finalizing guest group proposals, reservations and contracts;

o Managing the guest group invoicing and payment process, helping to ensure timely payments and working in coordination with Meadowkirk’s bookkeeping function;

o Routinely working with and maintaining the organization’s online bookings platform and other reservations-related tools;

o Managing internal bookings calendars to help optimize the scheduling of Meadowkirk’s facilities, amenities and team;

o Providing ongoing sales leadership by: conducting phone and email outreach (drawing on a solid grasp of Meadowkirk’s mission and operations, facilities/site features, and pricing), tracking guest inquiries and bookings data, and preparing basic financial summaries and sales-related internal reports;

o Participating in leading facility tours;

o Working pre-retreat with guest groups to help define needs/expectations and coordinate all retreat services, such as overnight accommodations, use of meeting spaces and customized facility configurations, dining requirements, guest amenities, special requests, and logistics surrounding arrival, time on-site and departure;

o Help organize and participate in pre-retreat internal planning meetings, including generating internal planning documents;

o Helping to coordinate the scheduling and implementation of housekeeping and maintenance services;

o Helping to compile guest evaluations and use that information in developing improvements that can meet and exceed guest expectations; and

o Supporting broader marketing efforts (for example, by helping to manage the Meadowkirk website, assist with social media efforts and/or coordinate the production of collateral material).

Also participate as a member of Meadowkirk’s hands-on retreat hosting team, including:

o Helping to greet guest groups and serving as an on-site retreat services provider, working with visiting groups and hospitality team members to coordinate and implement retreat logistics and all contracted retreat elements;

o Working with kitchen team members to implement Meadowkirk’s range of family-style, grab-and-go, special event and buffet-style dining formats, including: preparing dining areas for guest use (including setting and clearing guest tables and serving surfaces); assisting kitchen team with food and beverage item delivery; and serving as a mealtime liaison between guest group(s) and kitchen team;

o Helping to perform light housekeeping tasks – such as restocking consumables, removing trash from selected common areas, cleaning spills – during guest stays;

o Participating in detailed pre-retreat facilities inspections and resets to help prepare for guest group arrival;

o Participating in detailed post-retreat facilities inspections to help ensure retrieval of guest belongings and help identify potential building maintenance/repair issues. Help prepare vacated spaces for housekeeping team arrival;

o Help hospitality team to maintain A/V systems, providing guest groups with basic system overviews, as needed.

Help ensure a consistently premier guest experience.

Maintain a strong focus on warm and welcoming guest group service, personal dependability and team work, details and deadlines, personal/professional organization, proactive problem solving and overall excellence.

Demonstrate excellent written and verbal communications skills, particularly in the retreat sales and hosting settings.

Work well under pressure in a fast-paced environment – demonstrating excellent time-management and multi-tasking skills, as well as the ability to handle constructive feedback well.

Serve diverse cultures and socio-economic groups so that guests are welcomed and included.

Work collaboratively with all other team members – including sales, marketing, fundraising, dining services and maintenance – to ensure a consistently premier guest experience.

Adhere to Meadowkirk’s COVID-19 guidelines and protocols.

Participate in other related duties as assigned.

Retreat Hosting Rotation. Position includes periodic participation as a hands-on, on-site retreat host on designated weekends (primarily) and weekdays via a balanced, shared schedule with other team members, with corresponding weekends/weekdays off.

Candidates will have min. 1-3 years of relevant experience in ministry operations, hospitality, hotel and/or restaurant operations/management/service, special event planning/execution, or similar expertise – and work in alignment with Meadowkirk’s mission to “create a premier, Christ-centered destination in historic Northern Virginia that provides an idyllic setting for individuals and groups to experience God and the glory of His creation.”

Bachelor’s degree and/or professional certification preferred.

Experience Required
1 – 5 years
Education Required
Bachelor’s degree
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Middleburg, Virginia
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