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Faith Christian Camp

Job Description

FCC Camp

Job Title: Camp Director

Reports to: The Board of Directors

Note: The successful candidate will live on site, with housing provided.


Under the direction of The Board of Directors, to maintain and progress the camp’s grounds and facilities, financial support, church support, public outreach and to be consistent with the mission and established policies and procedures of the camp.


Operation of year-round Christian camp

• Will ensure that FCC is operated as a Christian camp, and that all camp activities or programs and the conduct of all camp staff, both paid and volunteer, are honoring to our Lord Jesus Christ.

• Will be responsible and accountable for all planning, management and operations required for the summer camping program and year-round retreat program. This includes but is not limited to: – operating within financial budgets. – supervising staff and volunteers. – establishing dates, promotion, registration and administration for all camps, retreats and rentals. – ensuring acceptable camp recreational and spiritual programs are in place. – acting as custodian and manager of the camp property and all camp assets.


Background Check

Have a calling from God to the mission of working at a Christian Camp to help further His Kingdom. It will be your soul purpose to ensure the success of Faith Christian Camp

- Personal

• Active member of an Independent Christian Church/Church of Christ

• A deep personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and the ability to express this. Must be in regular fellowship within a church for the purpose of encouragement, accountability, and spiritual growth.

• Living as a Christian role model and upholding Christian conduct.

• Gifted in directing, supervising, and motivating staff, mediating with staff, and ensuring accountability from staff and volunteers. Ability to counsel staff from the Scriptures is also desirable.

• Able to give and receive constructive criticism, while maintaining strong, positive, personal relationships.

• Must be self-motivated, enthusiastic, and resourceful.

- Administration skills, including but not limited to:

• adaptability to software applications

• financial management

• organizational management

• scheduling and planning

- Interpersonal skills, including but not limited to

• supervising, encouraging, and directing staff and volunteers

• leadership development

• working under and alongside the board of directors

• regular personal and business interaction with the public.

EXPECTATIONS for Camp Director


• Ensure that FCC camp activities, programs, and personnel are honoring to our Lord Jesus Christ.

• Under direction of the FCC board, be fully responsible and accountable for all planning, management and operations required to implement the summer camping and rental programs.

• Work irregular hours. Operate with daily exposure to sun and heat and other environmental conditions.

• Prepare presentations and all materials needed for scheduled board meetings • Develop and implement all policies and procedures

Administration / Finances

• Operate within the approved budget. Attempt to make all operations and programs cost efficient.

• Develop and implement fundraisers to assist with camp finances.

• Manage the camp store and any additional areas which bring in a profit

• Work closely with the Camp Administrator and Board Treasurer to ensure financial state is where it should be and implement ways to quickly add to the finances if it is needed.

• Acquire quotes and report to the board for them to assist in financial decisions.

Summer Camps and Rentals

• Set standards and qualifications for hiring staff and, recruiting volunteers

• Ensure that all paid staff has a criminal record check in regard to working with children.

• Be responsible for advising, assisting, encouraging and motivating all staff, as well as the evaluation, disciplining, and suspension of all staff.

• Arrange training and orientation programs for all staff, appropriate to their duties. Particularly ensure that all paid summer staff attend training at camp during the week prior to the start of the summer camp season.

• Ensure camp recreational and spiritual programs are in place. Obtain recreational equipment and curriculum and program materials, as required. Ensure there is full coordination and cooperation between the deans, counselors, cabin leaders, and recreational staff in the implementation of all camp programs and activities.

• Oversee all summer camp, retreat, and group rentals

• Be up to date on all certifications and trainings with camp standards as necessary.

• Manage all aspects of the summer camp season.

• Be aware of facility certifications needed and make sure they all meet standards. (Waterfront, Health Inspections, Zipline/Climbing Wall, Fire Safety, Etc.)

• Make sure set up/break down for each special event are completed. Assisted as needed.

• Report and record all incidents to the appropriate branches of the county or state.

• Oversee the entire year schedule for the camp.

• Coordinate all volunteers.

Camp Maintenance and Operations

• Act as custodian and/or manager of the camp property and all camp assets. Maintain a list of contractors, volunteers, and suppliers to use for routine supplies, and for summer and winter maintenance activities, such as janitorial, grass cutting and snow plowing, and for emergency electrical, mechanical and plumbing repairs, and for scheduled preventative maintenance, etc.

• Ensure that the camp and property is functional for all camps and retreats (cleaning, supplies, resources, etc.)

• Ensure that all projects are being completed in a timely manner and in the camps means. Set up volunteer groups or hire out where it is needed. Set goals for each season and make a list of desired projects and improvements to help guide the growth of the camp.

• Hire/Fire all year-round employees, seasonal employees, and volunteers.

Promotion and Public Relations

• Promote FCC to churches, schools, and youth groups throughout surrounding areas.

• Promote FCC as a rental place for winter retreats, conference site to churches, birthdays, family reunions, etc. The objective is to profitably rent out the camp facilities for most weekends during the fall, winter and spring.

• Maintain communication with alumni through a newsletter and the FCC website with the objective of encouraging alumni to support FCC in prayer, financially, or as a volunteer.

• Act as the public face of FCC.

• Prepare promotional materials to publicize FCC and its activities.

• Promote and maintain good relations with residents in the local community, local churches, and businesses, striving to be a good corporate example in the community. Encourage the support and participation of local Christians and evangelical churches in the local outreach of FCC.

• Work along with Camp Administrator to ensure camp memberships and recruitment process. Professional Development

• Attend camp conferences and other educational experiences that will benefit the progress of the camp. Broaden Support Base for FCC

• Strive to increase adult volunteer participation in all facets of camp. Keep in contact with younger volunteers as they grow older and establish their own families, to encourage their continued association and involvement with FCC.

• Prayerfully, and cautiously, strive to obtain the formal and active support of additional evangelicals, (individuals and churches) throughout the area for FCC. 

Experience Required
1 – 5 years


Education Required
High school diploma

Date Posted
1 year ago
Annville, Kentucky

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