Director of Youth Ministries

Pine Ridge Presbyterian Church

Job Description

Pine Ridge Director of Youth Ministries Job Description

Expectations & Duties


Position Title: Director of Youth Ministries

Position Type: Part-Time, 15-20 Hours with availability most Sundays

Reports To: Associate Pastor of Discipleship


Job Description:

The Director of Youth Ministry is responsible for leading the Youth Ministry (grades 6-12) of Pine Ridge Presbyterian Church to encourage and equip them towards their relationship with God and extend the ministry beyond the church.


Church Mission Statement:

The mission of Pine Ridge Presbyterian Church is to provide a place to proclaim and celebrate the good news of Jesus Christ, to grow spiritually, and to love, serve and reach out together.


Youth Ministry Mission Statement:


Encourage students to build a long-lasting personal relationship with Jesus Christ through bible studies, fellowship, and worship.

Equip students by building confidence in who they are as people, but also as children of God. Supporting them every step of their journey with God.

Extend the community of Christians by going out into the world and share the word and love of God.


Ministry Expectations:

1.    Leadership

a.    Create a dynamic, meaningful, and safe (physically and emotionally) atmosphere for spiritual growth among youth 6th-12th grade.

b.    Establish meaningful personal relationships with the youth of the congregation and community by investing in their lives.

c.     Recruit, inspire, train, empower and equip ministry volunteers to support the vision of the youth ministry, as well as coordinate ministry volunteer scheduling.

d.    Lead and guide the Youth Ministry Team for planning, collaborating, calendaring, and accountability in your role.

e.    Maintain and update the Youth Ministry Team pass down binder per policy. 

2.    Planning

a.    Strategically develop formation events including but not limited to Sunday School, Youth Group, Confirmation, Special Events, Bible Studies, Mission Trips, and Conferences.

b.    Coordinate alongside your Youth Ministry Team, two annual fundraisers (i.e., Trivia Night and Apple Pie Sale) to raise funds for summer mission experiences.

c.     Create and maintain youth ministry long-term ministry goals as well as individual student goals for separate age groups.

3.    Communication

a.    Prepare written communications and updates regarding Youth Ministry for parents and church family (i.e. weekly youth emails, weekly church newsletter, occasional mail, texts, website, app etc.).

b.    Create an effective informational network to communicate schedules and responsibilities to ministry volunteers.

c.     Maintain the Youth Page of the church website with assistance from the Office Coordinator.

d.    Provide an Annual Report to the Church Administrator annually.

4.    Finance

a.    Prepare and administer budget within the established guidelines and in compliance with the Pine Ridge policies and procedures.

b.    Purchase supplies needed to equip the ministry.

c.     Maintain the budget and turn in necessary documentation when needed per policy.

5.    Safety

a.    Oversee the safety of youth while in programming at church, as well as the safety of the youth ministry space (Genesis House).

b.    Ensure proper communication of background checks for all youth ministry volunteers prior to their participation in accordance to our Child and Youth Protection Policy.

c.     Assist the church office with maintaining necessary student records.

6.    The Youth Director shall…

a.    Be under the direct supervision and report directly to the Associate Pastor

b.    Assist the Pastoral Team with ministry care as it relates to youth ministry.

c.     Work in close cooperation with staff, Session, and other leadership teams.





1.    A commitment to the Christian faith with a desire to deepen and mature your relationship with the Triune God.  

2.    An excitement and interest in teaching youth about the Triune God.

3.    Proven ability to work effectively with youth, parents, diverse individuals, and teams of volunteers.

4.    Bachelor’s Degree Preferred.

5.    Youth Ministry Experience Preferred or Similar Work Experience with Youth.

6.    Understanding of Presbyterian polity, worship, and theology, or the willingness to learn.

7.    Excellent written and verbal communication skills, organizational skills, conflict management skills, and computer skills. 

About Pine Ridge Presbyterian Church

Mission Statement

This may sound crazy, but we really believe that until we learn what it is to love you, for you to love us, and what it is for us together to be loved by God and to love others, there will always be more for us to learn about what we believe. 

We welcome all persons who are willing to have more questions than answers and who feel called to accept Jesus’ invitation to journey with us. In fact, all God’s children, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender identity, political affiliation, physical or mental capacity, education, sexual orientation, nationality, socioeconomic or marital status or previous faith experience are encouraged to join us as we find the Way together.

It’s important to say at this point that we’re not the ones who have “finally gotten this whole faith thing figured out.” We are simply and powerfully drawn to the love of the Trinity--the community of love that is the Living God; traditionally Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This love is made most real in the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth who called this journey of faith together, the Way.

We don’t always agree, but we are experimenting, and sometimes failing, and building a church that collectively follows the Way of Jesus. However, the one thing we are certain of is that the Way of Jesus is first and last loving and being loved, so we are trying hard to build a community of love and hope that is a blessing to God, our neighbors and each other.

The Way of Jesus’ love is a lifestyle of holistic healing for individuals, families, neighborhoods, nations, and the earth. It is a gift from God, which comes with some assembly required. To follow Jesus’ Way is to open our hearts and trust the Spirit leading down a countercultural road of relentless forgiveness, radical acceptance, nonviolent peacemaking, abundant generosity, vital worship, compassion for the Creation, searching prayer, sacrificial love, and quiet joy.

We also agree this kind of community of love and hope is what the world most needs at this transitional moment in our history. And we think the world is tired of religious people who claim to believe a list of ideas when those very ideas don’t translate into any kind of personal or communal transformation. Plus, we see belief as something that is lived out in community, which doesn’t translate well into a few paragraphs on a website.

Salvation is not a reward for filling in the right theological answers on a final exam or even good behavior, but salvation is the word that best describes the experience of God in an ongoing covenantal relationship. It is opening our hearts to trust the Spirit in loving others and ourselves because we are first loved by God. So, faith is not even about finally understanding, it is about union with God, which simply ‘is’ because of Jesus.

Experience Required
1 – 5 years


Education Required
Bachelor’s degree

Date Posted
2 years ago
Kansas City, Missouri

Presbyterian: PCUSA

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