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Crossroads Bible Church

Job Description



Crossroads Bible Church is seeking a Middle School Director who possesses a true passion for developing our students into disciples who will bring Jesus to our world. This position plays an integral role in supporting our Wednesday night and Sunday morning programs, outreach events, and other large events throughout the year. The Middle School Director will be the primary shepherd for the volunteers in the Middle School program and responsible for recruiting, maintaining, and developing volunteer coaches alongside the Youth Ministry Pastor. Additionally, they are a key contributor for event planning, outreach coordinating, aesthetics of the youth ministry and affectively building disciples using the clear ministry planted in community, love, and passionate prayer.


  • Work with the Youth Ministry Pastor to create the best possible Wednesday night and Sunday morning experience for our Middle School and High School Students. Focusing on the “Caring Community" core value of Crossroads. The Director will help ensure that all leaders are adequate shepherds of the students in the ministry through extensive training, mentoring, and relationship building.
  • Preach 10 percent of Wednesday night message (when middle school and high school is combined). Preach 50 percent of middle school only messages and 10 percent of high school only messages.
  • Recruit, develop, and empower all middle school volunteers (a minimum of four per team huddle) for Wednesday and Sunday ministry.
  • Collaborate with the high school director on weekly coach’s guides.
  • Create and staff all Sunday morning Planning Center needs for Middle School Ministry.
  • Make weekly videos demonstrating effective small group leading and distribute them to middle school volunteers.
  • Plan and execute a minimum of four middle school community events yearly.
  • Plan and execute camps and conferences throughout the year.
  • Plan and execute two service opportunities for middle schoolers yearly.
  • Run the “Stage Design”, the “Video”, and the “Social Media” teams for Youth Leadership Students.
  • Be a consistent presence on two middle school campuses (ones highly represented by our students).
  • Attend all youth ministry strategic and creative meetings and be a focal point of planning for Reality Conference, Fall Kickoff, Summer Camp, or any other large event put on by the Student Ministries Team.
  • Be a key part of camps and conferences.
  • Run games and host services regularly on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings.
  • Meet with a minimum of three volunteers weekly.
  • Intentionally disciple a minimum of five students regularly.
  • Meet with an additional 3-5 middle school students per week.
  • Train our middle school volunteers to run an effective small group, providing regular feedback and coaching.
  • Attend a bi-weekly “Wins” meeting with the youth ministry staff.
  • Be a secondary leader for a Team Huddle for middle school students.
  • Attend the main service regularly, sitting with our students during the 9:00 am service
  • Attend the monthly all-staff and prayer meetings.

Job Specifications

Education & Experience Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree Required
  • Master’s Degree Preferred


Skills & Abilities

  • Ability to train, delegate and empower
  • Communication skills in small and large group settings
  • Organizational and leadership abilities demonstrated through past experiences
  • Use of productivity software, email, filesharing, and online communication software for project management and scheduling
  • Schedule, oversee and manage multiple tasks and projects with self-initiative and administrative ability
  • Strong desire and skills to invest in youth and next generation leaders


Internal/External Relations Requirement

  • A track record of servant leadership, humility and teachable in spirit
  • Commitment to spread ownership of CBC’s vision and core values to each area of ministry and involve appropriately. 


Creative & Analytical Requirement (if applicable)

  • Strategic planning and utilization of resources and volunteers
  • Creative “out of the box” thinking; going above and beyond in creative elements


Managerial/Leadership Responsibilities (if applicable)

  • Help supervise and shepherd our Coaches, Residents, and Student Leadership team alongside our Youth Ministry Pastor


Financial Responsibilities (if applicable)

  • Assist in ensuring good stewardship and accurate spending of the department’s budget. The goal of which should be to enable powerful ministry while being able to stay within budget constraints.
  • Be a part of budget planning as part of a learning experience in partnership with Youth Ministry Pastor


Physical Factors & Working Conditions / Schedule & Expected Travel

  • In office working conditions, a minimum of 40 hours per week, agreed upon schedule with supervisor.
  • Occasional weekend work depending on youth events




  • Shall be directly accountable to the Student Youth Ministry Pastor

Staff Relationships

  • Member of CBC ministry staff and will attend meetings as required
  • Collaborate with other ministry teams for projects

 Church Relationships

  • All paid staff (including their immediate family – if they are married or have kids) should call CBC their home church, and as such, model regular attendance and involvement as a member of Crossroads.




  • Exempt – Full Time, 40 hrs./week
  • Sunday (starting at 8 am), Monday to Thursday, 8 hrs. per day
  • Occasional Friday and Saturday work depending on events

About Crossroads Bible Church

Crossroads Bible Church, founded nearly 60 years ago, is located in Bellevue, Washington, 15 minutes across Lake Washington from Seattle. Situated between the foothills of the Cascade mountains and Lake Washington and Puget Sound. Bellevue is not only a beautiful city, but it is ethnically diverse and home to the headquarters of Microsoft, Amazon, T-Mobile, REI and Starbucks.

Bellevue is also a largely unchurched population, so it is a calling and privilege of our church to minister in the community. Approximately 1100 people attend in person each Sunday. We are a multi-generational church committed to building disciples who bring Jesus to our world.

Our Core Values Are:

Biblical Teaching

United Worship

Passionate Prayer

Caring Community

Strategic Outreach

Next Generation Focused

Experience Required
Entry Level


Education Required
Bachelor's Degree

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8 months ago
Bellevue, Washington

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