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Chestnut Grove Baptist Church in Buckingham County, Virginia is searching for a pastor who is committed to the authority of the Bible. He will agree with and lead our church on the strong foundations of biblical authority. Chestnut Grove, a traditional rural Baptist church, desires a man who will lead our congregation to be transformed by God’s Word. He will be text-driven by the biblical text, relational in his delivery, and firm in his conviction. Chestnut Grove follows the teachings of the Baptist Faith and Message as adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention in 1963. The church is also active in its local association, the James River Baptist Association.

We pray for our next pastor to be easily approachable, a man who is skilled in leadership and relationship building. He will value the insight of long-time members of the church but not cater to anyone's desire to neglect another’s. He will make biblical decisions concerning the direction of the church and communicate them clearly and gracefully over time.

If he has a family, he will put God first, his family second, and the church third. We desire a pastor who models faithful leadership in the home. Whoever our next leader is will be a gift to our church and community.

About Chestnut Grove Baptist Church

Chestnut Grove Baptist Church in Buckingham County, Virginia is a church family that values biblical preaching, heartfelt worship, and engagement above all else. At 200 years old, we are located in rural Buckingham County. Throughout the many years since 1823, Chestnut Grove has enjoyed many seasons of numerical and spiritual growth but is currently experiencing a season of gradual decline.

At our highest, we average about 45 in worship attendance. However, the morale of the church family is alive. There is an excitement in the air and fresh expectation as we search for our next pastor. Today, the age ranges of Chestnut Grove members reflect a shift in generational attendance patterns. In any worship service, our worshippers will be mostly 65 and older. There are quite a few unchurched young families in the community and Chestnut Grove desires to be the church that reaches them with the gospel of Jesus Christ and plug them into the church.

Chestnut Grove is a warm and welcoming church family that is serious about reaching the next generations in our community. We value practice and community preaching and are excited about what God will do through the leadership of our next pastor.

Experience Required
1-5 years


Education Required
Bachelor's Degree

Date Posted
1 year ago
Buckingham County, Virginia

Baptist: SBC

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