Job Description

Who we are:

·       A non-profit ministry to children in Southeastern Arizona.

·       We were incorporated in 1999 and licensed by the state of Arizona to care for children beginning in 2011. 

·       We have approximately 90 acres, 3 homes for children as well as an office, barn, maintenance building, community building, food storage and other storage buildings.

·       We are a Christian ministry supported in part by several local churches but not linked to any one church.

·       Our mission statement reads: To provide a refuge, in a traditional family setting with Christian values on a ranch for abused and neglected children who need long-term care.

·       We are a group of individuals called by God to serve His children by loving, caring and leading them into adulthood through the leading, support and direction of the Holy Spirit.

Who you are:

·       A well-established married couple who love children and want to share the love of Christ with them.

·       You’ve prayed and believe God is calling you to serve Him in a ministry to children.

·       As a couple you have the life experience and temperament to be good role models to children and adolescents. Our children come from less-than-ideal homes and positive role models play a vital role in the betterment of their lives.

·       Together you have the organizational skills and know-how to balance a home and schedules of children. Good communication with your spouse and with others sets the example and tone for the home.

·       At least one of you don’t mind paperwork and rules mandated by the state.  Not fun but a necessary component to keep things running smoothly.

·       You enjoy relationships with others and take pleasure in supporting one another through prayer and encouragement. Our team become like family while serving the Lord in this place.

·       You have the ability (through the Holy Spirit) to see beyond a child’s actions to see the pain or trauma which may be the cause of the behaviors and the patience to love them through it all and capable of using a loving approach to provide boundaries for children who have none.

A typical day as a couple may include:

·       Waking the children, overseeing morning hygiene and chores, preparing breakfast, leading morning devotions, taking children to school while listening to their hopes for the day.

·       Housecleaning, outside chores, paperwork, lunch out with your spouse or just quiet time while the children are at school

·       Weekly staff meetings are a time for prayer, encouragement, support and brainstorming of ideas in addition to training to better understand and serve the children in our care.

·       Scheduling and taking children to medical and dental appointments to address any issues they may have and attending monthly meetings with the family team.

·       Picking children up from school and hearing their exited voices share their stories of their day during snack and homework time.

·       Afternoons are for team sports practice or games where you can cheer them on in a way every child deserves OR playing games on the grass or the playground to release excess energy from the day while sharing their laughter and joy at being children.

·       Praying with the children regarding their worries or concerns and providing guidance and assistance when possible.

·       Preparing and sharing dinner as a family sharing highlights of the day and imparting the Love of God while increasing the family bond.

·       After dinner time is for family clean up and evening chores, making plans for weekend fun (pool, picnics, zoo, fishing, etc)

·       Bedtimes are a special bonding time with stories and prayers.

Bonus Points if you have:

·       Experience working with children

·       Degrees or training relating to trauma


·       Salary of 50,000 per couple, per year

·       Fully paid living expenses – rent, utilities, and household budget

·       A vehicle to use for Ranch family activities

·       Medical compensation package to be determined at employment.

·       This position allows you the opportunity to make a life-long impact on a child’s heart and life. We have many children who have aged out of the system or moved on who still call to keep us update on their life and ask for prayer. There is nothing better.

·       $2,000 sign on bonus

·       Covid vaccine not required.


Must be able to:

·       Meet Arizona’s background check qualifications to work with children

·       Minimum of HS Diploma or GED

·       Have a valid driver’s license and no at-fault accidents in the last 5 years

·       Pass state mandated drug screening


About All the King's Horses Children's Ranch

We are a non profit ministry in rural, Southeastern Arizona (but less than 10 minutes from Walmart and 40 minutes from the Tucson airport). We have 90 acres that contain 3 homes for children as well as an office, community building, maintenance shop and barn. Our mission is to provide refuge, in a traditional family setting, with Christian values on a ranch for abused and neglected children who need long-term care.

Experience Required
Entry Level


Education Required
High School Diploma

Date Posted
1 year ago
Benson, Arizona


Church Size
0-100 people

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