Student Pastor

Shadow Mountain Church

Job Description

The student pastor will organize and oversee an effective ministry to Middle School and Senior High students. He will evangelize, disciple, and shepherd the next generation.


·       Must be a committed Christian, demonstrating continued evidence of that commitment

·       Must be in agreement with the purpose and mission of Shadow Mountain Church

·       Must be in agreement with the Shadow Mountain Church constitution and doctrinal statement 

·       Must be both a leader and a team player

·       Must be submissive to the lead pastor and his directives

·       Must be teachable

·       Must be available, faithful and self-motivated

·       Must be relatable to teenagers and their unique needs

·       Must possess an apparent and passionate love for teenagers 

·       Must have good communication skills: written, verbal and interpersonal

·       Must have a personal commitment to continuing education (seminars, conferences, and possible college courses) although a degree in biblical studies is preferred but not required


·       Engage the parents as partners in the student program

·       Both teach and preach to students and leaders in small groups and larger settings

·       Establish annual goals and objectives for the student program

·       Prepare an annual budget and calendar for the student program

·       Establish meaningful relationships with the students through different fun but purposeful activities

·       Develop both evangelism and discipleship strategies 

·       Recruit and train student program adult staff

·       Facilitate periodic retreat opportunities: winter camp, summer camp, etc.

·       Create opportunities for students to participate in mission’s opportunities

·       Create periodic fundraisers for special student programs projects

·       Counsel individual students about personal struggles

·       Share in other pastoral duties as necessary       

Experience Required
Entry level


Education Required
Some college

Date Posted
3 years ago

Baptist: SBC

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