Minister of Worship

El Bethel Baptist Church

Job Description

Minister of Worship

El Bethel Baptist Church

9432 AL HWY 27, Chancellor, AL, 36316

(334) 684-9544


Principal Function: The Minister of Worship will be responsible for the music leadership of the church and worship planning and execution with other ministerial staff.

Responsible to: Church and Senior Pastor


Music & Worship ministries:

1. Plan weekly order of worship with the other ministerial staff of the church.

2. Build and prepare the audio-visual presentation for weekly worship services.

3. Lead weekly worship services through the various choirs (children, youth, adult), congregational

  singing, and other elements of worship (e.g. praise team/band and instrumentalists), being respectful

  of various worship styles within the congregation (blended worship is desired), using a working

  knowledge of music theory and composition.

4. Work with the Worship Ministry Team to support the necessary functions of the worship service

   including: usher, baptisms, and audiovisual.

5. Assist in the planning/execution of special events that need a provision of worship and/or music to

   include, but not limited to, seasonal specials and/or drama events.

6. Is able to teach an understanding of music theory and composition.

Specific duties:

1. Serve as an assistant to the Senior Pastor

2. Plan & manage the music ministry budget

3. Perform other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.

Personal care: cultivate a close relationship with God through worship, personal Bible study, prayer, service and growth. Stay morally pure, mentally alert, emotionally sound and physically fit, taking the normal scheduled day off each week, as determined by Senior Pastor.

Church Program and Pastoral Care Support: assist the Senior Pastor with pastoral care visits including, but not limited to, hospital shut-ins, visitation as it relates to prospective members, potential leaders and crisis visitation.


1. Demonstrated church staff experience and possess mature leadership skills.

2. Continues to pursue training/continuing educational opportunities to expand knowledge base.

3. Theologically sound with an appreciation and understanding of Baptist heritage.

4. Understands physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of senior adult, adult, college, youth and

   child development.



1.    Bachelor’s degree (or willingness to obtain further education) is preferred.

2. Preference will be given to candidates with at least three (3) years of experience.

3. Displays a love for God.

4. Positive, energetic, and fun.

5. Team player who works well with others.

6. Innovative, self-starter, able to come up with new ideas.

7. Ability to coordinate and lead a large group of volunteers.

8. Good communicator (written and public speaking skills).

9. Good organizational skills and manages time wisely.

10. Strong leadership skills.

11. If married (preferably) his wife will have a willingness to fully support and attend all worship

    ministry activities within a reasonable ability to so (i.e., family is priority).


1. Knowledgeable in Planning Center and ProPresenter.

2. Experience with digital sound board/system and live streaming services.

3. Ability to play a music instrument.

General Understanding: The Minister of Worship at El Bethel Baptist Church is a born again believer of Jesus Christ, in full agreement of the 2000 Baptist Faith & Message, and will be a member of the ministerial staff, directly responsible to the Senior Pastor. 

About El Bethel Baptist Church

Multi-ministry, well positioned for growth, New Testament church that exists for the purpose of loving God, loving others and serving the world!

Experience Required
1-5 years


Education Required
Some College

Date Posted
8 months ago
Chancellor, Alabama

Baptist: SBC

Church Size
100-200 people

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