Job Description

Job Responsibilities: 1. Student Ministry: • Communicate regularly with parents and families about student ministry events, curriculum, etc. • • Regular teaching in student gatherings (Sunday school and Wednesday evening) • Plan and organize regular activities • Develop a plan for expected experiences between 7th-12th grades at CBC (summer camps, mission trips, etc.) • Develop plan to divide into Middle School and High School classes. • • Develop and lead a team of volunteers • Develop 6-year curriculum plan • Meet with students and parents for discipleship as needed

2. Kids’ Ministry: • Oversee and collaborate with Community Kids Director • Develop family discipleship resources • Oversee and collaborate with VBS

3. Pastoral • Serve as part of the Pastoral Leadership Team, including monthly meetings • Participate in weekly staff meetings • Shepherding duties as needed

4. Job Requirements: • Mature and growing walk with Jesus • Theological and cultural alignment with CBC (reformed, gospel-centered, & missional) • Theological education preferred, but not required • Able to develop teams and culture • Able to develop systems an

About Community Bible Church of Orange Park Ministries, Inc

Community Bible Church of Orange Park is a community of believers located in a suburb of Jacksonville, Florida. We are a medium-sized church of about 300 people, located on a busy road in an area of the country that is experiencing significant population growth. As many as 60,000 cars pass by our church each day, and because of this traffic, we have the distinct privilege of being near an intersection voted the worst in Northeast Florida! We just moved into a brand new 500 seat auditorium at the beginning of 2023. But more importantly than this, we have a church filled with people who love Jesus, love God’s Word, and are growing in their understanding of the gospel. Our church strives to make the gospel of Jesus Christ central to everything we do. We believe that a gospel centered community is open, honest, and grace-filled. We have a culture of grace here at CBC that we hope shapes everything we do. And this is our mission – to develop worshipers of Jesus who are growing in the gospel and going with the gospel. We have reached a point in the life of our church where we want to commit more resources toward developing the next generation. And we want to do that both inside and outside our church. We want to assist our parents in the discipleship of their children to follow Jesus. And with 9 schools within a 2 mile radius of our church, we want to have a presence for the next generation in our community as well. One key way we would like to invest in the next generation is by hiring a full-time pastor to join our staff. This Pastor would oversee Community Kids (children’s ministry) and directly lead our student ministry (Jr./Sr. High). The role would include developing the education and experiences we would want our kids to receive here at CBC. We are looking for someone who works well with students, but can also relate well with children and parents. But we are looking for more than just someone to fill a staff position. We are looking for someone who is excited about the culture, direction, and opportunities of our church. Someone who shares our desire to see the next generation discipled. Someone who wants to be a part of a team that will invest in his own personal growth. Someone whose family can flourish in our church. Church Profile: CBC is a gospel-centered, theologically reformed and missionally focused church in Orange Park, FL, a suburb of Jacksonville. We are seeking a full-time NextGen Pastor in support of our mission to develop worshipers of Jesus who are growing in the gospel and going with the gospel. 

Experience Required
1-5 years


Education Required
Bachelor's Degree

Date Posted
6 months ago
Orange Park, Florida


Church Size
300-500 people