Director of Children's Spiritual Formation

Whitworth Church

Job Description

Whitworth Church – Our Mission: "Inviting Community and University to Know Jesus"



Located on the campus of Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington, our mission statement shapes every aspect of our congregation: Inviting Community and University to Know Jesus.

Position Summary

This person will create environments that Invite children and their families to Know Jesus. The Director of Children’s Spiritual Formation is supervised by the Pastor, partners with the Spiritual Formation Team, supervises assistant director and interns, and coordinates nursery care-givers.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

1. Coordinate and develop intentional programming for children (nursery to grade 5) on Sunday mornings and midweek gatherings.

2. Train volunteers and staff teams for multi-tiered, rotation-workshop model.

3. Coordinate annual VBS (300 children), special events, and age-appropriate retreats.

4. Champion a relational approach to every aspect of children’s ministry.

5. Focus ministry content on the character of God in scripture (vs. moralistic therapeutic deism.)

6. Consistently communicate with parents/families.

7. Embrace a collaborative Staff culture.

8. Participate in appropriate meetings, worship services, and congregational events.


Demonstrates a lifestyle that reflects an authentic, personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a passion for student ministry. Enthusiastic about context, mission, staff and programs of Whitworth Church.


Must exhibit biblical and theological sophistication; Must have 5 years of experience in a multi-staff congregation, earned degree(s) in Bible/Theology, and a proven record of leadership with large children’s ministry.


Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite. Good oral and written communication skills. Ability to sign church leadership statement and satisfactorily pass background checks required by Whitworth Church.

*All Whitworth Church staff are expected to be: competent, humble, creative, adaptable/flexible

and fun.

Apply: Please send resumes to [email protected]

About Whitworth Church

Whitworth Church is a multi-generational PCUSA church in Spokane, Washington. We were founded by Whitworth University in 1924 on the corner of their campus, where we are still located today. Our church's mission is "Inviting Community and University to Know Jesus". For our congregation, 'Knowing Jesus' involves Worship, Spiritual Formation, and Mission/Service. We truly value the unique location and history of our church, and we are also deeply involved in the community beyond the University. We have rich and meaningful traditions that have been passed down through the years, but we aren't afraid to innovate and try new things! And while we believe that Christian education and discipleship are fundamental to our church's identity, we are always looking for ways to invite others to the party to share the gospel of Jesus!

Experience Required
1 – 5 years


Education Required
Bachelor’s degree

Date Posted
3 years ago
Spokane, Washington

Presbyterian: PCUSA

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