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First Church

This multisite church of 1400 in Wheatfield Indiana is seeking an Online Director/Digital Communications Specialist who will lead a team to champion social media strategy across multiple platforms, creating cohesive and engaging content that points people to Jesus and His Church. First Church is located in western Indiana approximately 60 minutes southeast of Chicago. In 2020, Outreach 100 recognized First Church as one of the fastest growing churches in the US. 

Responsibilities Include:

Choosing a social media strategy

●  Research and stay up to date with current trends and effective strategies to reach people online.

●  Become familiar with how Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and other social media platforms utilize their own specific algorithms to distribute content to their users.

●  Stay up to date with changes/updates in all social platforms ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Cohesive social media content

●  Master campus AVL systems as they apply to online content and Sunday worship

●  Develop a coherent, recognizable brand (colors, moods, etc)

●  Create engaging text, image, and video content to post consistently across all platforms that points people to Jesus and His Church.

●  Design scroll-stopping posts to sustain curiosity & engagement.

●  Create excitement and interaction around Sundays and events.

●  Capture content during Sunday services & events for recap stories, videos, and posts.

●  Create a social media schedule and maintain a one-week buffer of content.

●  Integrate into organizational systems and standards for filing and inventory per the Media & Production Director

●  Manage and plan specific, timely marketing campaigns that coincide with sermon series.

●  Promote content through social advertising.

●  Stay up to speed with Google Ads updates to ensure the lowest cost per click.

●  Manage Google Ads campaigns and use effective keywords to coincide throughout the varying seasons of ministry, (Christmas, Easter, Summer at The Movies, etc.)

●  Produce the design and production for website and social media branding.

●  Think creatively to develop new design concepts, graphics, and layouts.

●  Monitor online reviews, posts, and comments, responding quickly with thoughtful, grace-filled replies.

●  Create new ways to use social media to attract new visitors from various demographics.

●  Have an engagement and growth strategy, analyzing and tracking all key metrics.

Lead social media team

●  Create relationships with people that want to serve on the social media team.

●  Develop your personal skills under the with photography + videography so that you can develop other’s skills.

●  Cast the vision. Always remind the team why they are doing what they are doing.

Other responsibilities

●  Edit and publish messages on Sundays

●  Assist Media & Production Director with film productions

●  Produce the Strong Roots Podcast

●  Design graphics as needed for sermon series

●  Design banners and large format graphics

    Serve as Technical Assistant at the new Hebron Campus 


●  Motivation for this role is more important than a specific level of education or credentials.

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Experience Required
1 – 5 years


Education Required
High school diploma

Date Posted
1 year ago
Chicagoland, Illinois


Church Size
1,500-2,000 people

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