Assistant Manager, Resale Shop

College Church in Wheaton

Job Description

Manager, Resale Shop (40 hr exempt)



Reports to and is under the direct supervision of the Director of Administration & Finance and stays in contact with the Missions Pastor and the Cultural Impact Committee.


Primary Objective:

Supervise and Oversee store operations to generate revenues that support Outreach Community Center (OCC) ministry programs or STARS Family Services.  A healthy balance should exist between business goals and ministry opportunities within the store and community. 



Principal Duties:

  1. Store Operations
  • Maintain an appropriate cash reserve, maximize profits by controlling costs and developing sales programs  
  • Develop, implement and maintain written procedures for store operations, including opening and closing the store; procedures for accepting, sorting, pricing donations; handling of cash, and other relevant procedures.
  • Maintain the store and adjacent outdoor spaces in an organized, clean, secure, and safe manner.
  •  Promote and maintain good relationships with the staff, volunteers and customers, displaying the love of Christ.
  •  Scheduling truck pickups in cooperation with the other Resale Shop.

   2. Volunteer and Staff management

  • Recruit and train staff and volunteers in accordance with store operating procedures.
  • Coordinate Community Service, enter their hours and write letters, assign jobs and expectations for them.
  • Coordinate and schedule employees, furniture pick-up and daily tasks for staff and volunteers.
  • Periodically meet with the STARS Job Coach to support and coordinate work for the STARS Partner program.
  • Annually coordinate the student intern program with OCC staff and include them in the monthly schedule. 
  • Delegate various responsibilities to the Assistant Manager, qualified workers and volunteers, empowering them to reach store goals and maintaining a pleasant work environment.

3. Merchandising

  • Oversee the display of merchandise to enhance the appearance and appeal of the store.
  •  Maintain an adequate inventory of quality, low-cost merchandise for the residents of south Carol Stream and other area shoppers while providing an outlet for public donations of reusable goods.
  • Establish pricing guidelines and ensure that the merchandise is marked or tagged accordingly.
  • Oversee the processing and inventory of salable merchandise. Ensure merchandise is received, sorted or discarded (properly) quickly.
  • Establish and maintain a sales program for higher value and unique items to be sold through alternative outlets, including web-based sites (ecommerce) and social media.
  • Analyze sales and inventory to develop forecasts and recommendations for customer retention and sales growth.


4. Financial Management

  • Manage daily cash-handling activities including verifying opening and closing cash balances each day.
  • Train and supervise staff and volunteers to operate the cash register and maintain daily bookkeeping logs.
  • Oversee and monitor bank deposit activities.
  • Ensure daily cash security.


5. Provide regular communication and updates for stakeholders

  • OCC staff and managers
  • The Cultural Impact Committee
  • Volunteers and Staff
  • College Church with photos and written updates to the Director of Communication.

6. Exemplify Christ to all workers, volunteers, and clients.

7. Perform other duties as directed by the Director of Administration and Finance.



Education, Experience & Skills



Physical Requirements



Bachelor’s degree or equivalent retail/resale experience. Strong verbal, written and organizational skills. Ability to thrive in a flexible, fast-paced environment sometimes working outside normal store business hours. Ability to work independently and in a team setting. Valid driver’s license and required auto insurance.


  • Ability to stand up to 7 hours per day on concrete with frequent walking, standing, bending, squatting, pulling and pushing.
  • Occasionally lift items up to 40 pounds to a height up to 6 feet.
  • Occasionally may be required to carry items up to 40 pounds for distances up to 25 feet.
  •  Ability to move furniture with help.



Revised 3-15-21

About College Church in Wheaton

With more than 150 years of ministry since its founding—College Church isn’t stuck in the past. We thank God for his faithfulness in working through the people of this church throughout our history and moving forward. For his honor and glory, we are fully engaged in preaching the Word, doing ministry and being global moral preservatives and lights in culture. As always, College Church is committed to biblical preaching, applying God’s Word to all of life and proclaiming God’s love globally through missions outreach.

Our four Core Values (Worship, Outreach, Relationship and Discipleship) from Acts 2:42-47 are driven forward by the gospel. Our desire is to proclaim that gospel, live in the light of the gospel and be transformed by that gospel to the glory of Jesus Christ.

As that gospel is proclaimed, lives are changed, churches are built, people are reached and Christ is honored. It happens every day. During the week College Church’s buildings are filled with people from all over the world. Thousands of people come together to hear about Jesus every weekend. College Church is a place to find Christ, serve Christ and become part of something far bigger than ourselves. We joyfully honor Jesus, living in gratitude to him. 

Located near Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois we are a congregation with more than 1300 members and a weekly attendance of over 2000, with a substantial commitment to global missions and local and national outreach. 

Position Filled
Experience Required
1 – 5 years


Education Required
Bachelor’s degree

Date Posted
1 year ago
Wheaton, Illinois


Church Size
1,500-2,000 people

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