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Youth Pastor Job Description

First Baptist Church - Emery SD


Work closely with the Senior Pastor and other leaders to help the congregation seek and follow God's direction for the church with special emphasis in the following areas of responsibility:


Youth (Primary Responsibility)


We feel that building good relationships with volunteers and parents is vital to a successful ministry in our context. We have seen the powerful impact good relationships can have in the development of our students, and we encourage community involvement and attending school activities to promote these relationships. Our community is very supportive of our school and so is our church. At any given event you will see many of the students and parents that are part of our ministry, also you will meet those who we want to reach out to.

While working with the youth conducting weekly meetings and teaching are important parts of the job; providing engaging Biblical teaching to the Junior High and High School youth to win the lost, establish their faith and strengthen their stand for Christ in their everyday lives. We are also interested in outreach and ministry. We want our students to experience being ministered to, and also given the opportunity to minister. Service projects and mission trips are an important part of this objective.

Good communication is vital, with students, parents, and volunteers. Keeping everyone informed in plenty of time to make plans is key in gaining support and attendance. Clearly communicating vision and direction motivates those who are helping to continue to support and move the group in the same direction. A good plan to keep everyone informed will be essential.




While youth is the primary responsibility, we will also look for ways to involve the youth minister in the Worship service as well. This will need to be an agreement between the Senior Pastor and the Youth Pastor along with guidance from the Deacons. There will also be opportunities to preach in the Sunday Morning services from time to time.

Christian Education


Along with teaching the senior high Sunday School class, the Youth Pastor will also be a non-voting member of the C. E. Board, to provide vision, and guidance to the education arm of our church. Again, good communication will be key.

Other Responsibilities


There are always things that come up from time to time, and a good working relationship with the Senior Pastor and Deacons will help in these times. There will be various things that the Youth Pastor may be asked to do, but we will always strive for good communication and clearly defined expectations on both sides to address those.

Everything we do is to honor God, and as we approach things with this in mind that can be accomplished.






This position reports directly to and works closely with the Senior Pastor. The Youth Pastor will also attend monthly Deacon Board meetings to report activity and evaluate the ministry.


Financial Proposal


At least 40hours per week sometimes more

Annual Salary    To be Determined


Mileage               Reimbursed up to 500 miles per month at the state rate

If interested, please contact: John Gilliland

605-240-0466 (Cell)

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Experience Required
1 – 5 years
Education Required
Some college
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Emery, South Dakota
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