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Annapolis, Maryland

About Bay Area Community Church

If we had just one word to describe Bay Area, it would be Jesus.

We are Jesus people. We love Jesus, follow Jesus, and seek to become like Jesus.

If we had two words, it would be make disciples.

We want to grow as disciples of Jesus who help make disciples of others.

If we had one sentence, it would be our mission statement: Making passionate, maturing followers of Jesus from here to the nations.

Every word is important. Passionate. Not apathetic. Maturing. We are always growing. Followers. Everybody follows someone or something. We follow Jesus. From here. Right where we live. To the nations. All around the world.

If we had one verse, it would be Matthew 28:19; “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations”

We believe that God calls every believer and every church to live out the mission of making disciples of all nations.

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Annapolis, Maryland

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