Children’s Pastor interview questions and answers

Essential questions you should ask when hiring a Children’s Pastor.

Children’s pastors can be a tricky role to fill within the church today and they can be hard to find the right fit. With the need for increased security measures to protect the children within the church today there is a need to make sure the one’s that we hire to be the leaders over the children within the church are properly vetted to make sure that the children of the church are safe and protected. We at JustChurchJobs want to help you find the right person for the job and want to provide you with some interview questions we hope will help to get you to the right person.

Before we get into what we think are the best interview questions to ask a potential children’s pastor candidate, we just want to stress how important it is when making the decision to fill this position especially there must be the utmost importance placed on the safety of the children. Children are a gift from God and must be protected and cared for and the leader of in the church who leads these children must always protect God’s children. Now without further ado, let’s get into it.

What is your testimony?

We at JustChurchJobs believe that this question should always be asked first and foremost no matter what church role you are trying to fill. A testimony is important in understanding who the candidate is as a person and gives insight into what the candidate was like before Christ, how they came to accept Christ, and how their life was transformed after accepting Christ. Sharing a testimony requires vulnerability that is necessary in spreading the gospel and necessary in church ministry.

Why do you want to be a children’s pastor? What was your call to this ministry?

It’s good to ask why the candidate has the desire to become the children’s pastor of your church. You need to understand why exactly they wanted to become a children’s pastor and understand how exactly God called them into this ministry. This will help give some insight into their story a little bit more.

What some specific kinds of events you would come up with for the children?

This question is one that will help you get a clear picture of the creativity of the candidate and insight into what they think would be beneficial for the children to not only have fun but to also learn more about Jesus and the gospel. They should talk about ideas for events that they have to get the children and the parents involved as well.

What can you do to keep the parents involved in the growing of their child’s faith?

A parent is an essential part of the beginning of a child’s faith walk and their coming to salvation. A lot of time it’s the parents who help lead their kids to Christ when they come to salvation. A children’s pastor candidate should recognize this fact and keep the parent’s involved in their child’s faith walk through the events that they would put on.

How essential do you think volunteers are to the children’s ministry?

It goes without saying that the volunteer base of the church is an incredibly important function of the church. However, the volunteers of the children’s ministry are essential to the smooth running of the children’s ministry. Without the volunteers to help run the children’s ministry, it would fall apart, and the candidate should be aware of this and have a plan to get good quality volunteers who are all properly vetted.

Can you give an example of a Bible story you could simplify down to teach children but also maintain the original message?

Being able to simplify a story of the Bible for the kids is an essential part of the children’s pastor role. They must be able to articulately and clearly convey the main points and message of the Bible story while keeping it simple enough for the child to understand completely. This will give you a good look at the innovativeness of the candidate and if they can be creative enough to teach the children.

What are some safety regulations and precautions you would take to ensure the safety of the children?

Another important part of the role of the children’s pastor is to always keep the children safe. The candidate must be able to come up with or already have ideas on how they can keep the children of the church secure and protected. Security for the kids of the church is of the utmost importance and if they are not actively looking for ways to improve upon security or new measure that can be taken to ensure the safety of the children, they should no longer be considered.

We at JustChurchJobs know the importance of keeping the children of the church safe and protected and hope that these questions can be of service to you in your search for the right candidate who will carry out the safety and discipleship of the children. If you are having trouble finding high quality candidates, then you’ve come to the right site! We at JustChurchJobs can help with that too!

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