Community Connections Pastor

Upper Room

Job Description

Upper Room seeks to be a community of individuals alive through the words, actions, and presence of Jesus.

With that end in mind, the Community Connections Pastor will be responsible for seeing the vision for how we do this well - fostering a sense of belonging and connection amongst community members outside of the Sunday experience.

Additionally, they will provide primary leadership in developing strategies and tactics to facilitate a greater sense of presence and connection within our broader community and build collaborative partnerships with individuals and organizations beyond the church to work toward the good of everyone as we follow more closely in the way of Jesus.

The Community Connections Pastor is a 30-hour/week position, with full benefits, and is an equal member of the 3-person leadership team alongside the Teaching Pastor and Operations Pastor.

Responsibilities and Duties Community Connections Strategy - 60%

Organizational & Pastoral Leadership - 25%

Teaching - 15%

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About Upper Room

The Upper Room Community of Minneapolis possesses a unique place in the church landscape of the Twin Cities. Started in the early 2000’s, Upper Room began as a worship expression of Christ Presbyterian Church. As an early adopter and pioneer of a highly experiential approach to worship, utilizing ancient-modern forms, Upper Room attracted a large number of young adults from across the Minneapolis-St Paul metropolitan area leading to significant growth.

Since that time, Upper Room has stepped out and become an independent church with approximately 250 committed participants who now rents space for its staff offices and community gatherings at Colonial Church in Edina. In keeping with our history of re-inventing the way Church is done we’ve recently adopted a unique, 3-person leadership team model made up of a Teaching Pastor, a Community Connections Pastor, and an Operations Pastor.

This trio is responsible for driving the mission and vision of the Church into the future. Due to personal circumstances, our Community Connections Pastor has decided to make a physical move to be closer to family. Thus, we’re in search of someone to fill this position on the leadership team.

This person will continue to create opportunities for our community members to connect with each other, as well as outside of our walls. Upper Room is and always has been a community focused on loving God and others in the ways that Jesus did, being alive through the words, actions, and presence of Jesus.

The core values that lie at the heart of the community are: Communal Authenticity; Outward Movement; Encountering Jesus; Intentional Relationships; and Humble Surrender. We embrace the reality that no person can fully understand the mystery and beauty of God, so we approach our statement of faith with humility and grace. Recalling Reformer Rupertus Meldenius, when he wrote “In the essentials we need unity, in the non-essentials we need freedom; but in all things we need love.” Upper Room understands that love was Jesus’ highest value, and therefore, must be ours. 

Position Filled
Experience Required
6 – 10 years


Education Required
High school diploma

Date Posted
1 year ago
Minneapolis, Minnesota


Church Size
250-350 people

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