Minister of Music and Media

Palm West Community Church

Job Description

Creates an atmosphere of celebration and reverence to God through music for all worship services. Leads and directs the church music program to include choir(s), vocal, instrumental and other phases/expressions of musical experience. Fosters an innovative, blended style of music to enhance and support the worship message goals for contemporary and traditional worship services. The Music Minister must collaborate and work cooperatively with other ministries across the church. In addition, operates, maintains, produces, and troubleshoots audio-visual equipment and computer/ software needs within the church, including database and copyright management, data storage, software, audio/visual, webpage, and graphics.

NOTE: This position can be part time in one of the three areas or full time in combination of the 2 or 3 areas (e.g. traditional, contemporary. media)

Primary Responsibilities:

a. Reports to the Senior Pastor, leading in the organization and planning of the worship services.

b. Recruits necessary musicians, singers and choir members for vocal and instrumental groups for a quality worship experience and organizes, leads and oversees paid musicians and volunteers for prelude, worship and special music of solos, ensembles and choral / hand bell choirs for services, memorials and/or special events. Leading worship practice is expected, 6 hours on a Sunday morning for preparation, the worship service(s), and storing equipment and securing the building.

c. Works with staff and volunteers to ensure that the audio, visual, and lighting are functional and enhancing to the worship service.

d. Submits a budget to the Senior Pastor each year with items needed to sustain and improve the worship service. Communicates proactively to Senior Pastor if non-budgeted needs arise. Promptly communication to emails, text , and phone calls.

f. Understands the unique environment of ministering in a retirement community and is willing to craft a worship environment that is relevant to that community in traditional and contemporary worship.

g. Manages church needs for computers, database, data storage, software, audio/visual ministry, webpage and graphics.

h. Recruits, manages, and delegates appropriate responsibilities to volunteers (e.g. Camera operators, sound board, CD duplication).

i. Creates graphics for outdoor signage, video streams, Sunday announcements, and sermon logos.

j. Creates “life in pictures” for funerals, memorials. Including scanning photos and editing into a presentation format.

k. Maintains and upgrades tech related subscriptions such as CCLI, CVLI, Church Streaming, GoDaddy, etc.

About Palm West Community Church

Palm West Community Church's core beliefs are based on the foundational truths taught in the Bible. All of our teaching and ministry is rooted in and flows out of these biblical doctrines. Located in the north west valley of Phoenix, Sun City West is a 55+community situated between Surprise and Peoria. The population is changing from an average age of 72 to 65. Palm West Community Church serves those seeking and serving a church home of any age but primarily caters to generations introduced to the Rock 'N Roll era. Most have an appreciation for traditional music but the community also has a growing demand for a more contemporary Christian music venue. Two services are soon to be in effect to acknowledge the love of both types of worship and to grow with the changing tapestry of our community. Media will play an important role in reaching seekers so the search is for full- or part-time individuals to serve in traditional and modern worship as well as media technology.

Experience Required
1 – 5 years


Education Required
Some college

Date Posted
2 years ago
Sun City West, Arizona


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