Pastor Kevyn D. Jones

Valley Park Baptist Church

Job Description

We need a worship leader. Our preference is contemporary worship to reach a younger generation. The ability to utilize some traditional hymns occasionally, sung with contmporary instrumentation, is a blessing to our older members. There is a need for expertise on either guitar or piano for leadership, the ability to send out chord charts during the week for Sundays, attaching some youtube samples for new songs so musicians can get a feel for what you are going to do on a Sunday, a Friday night practice every couple of weeks (flexible with your schedule), a heart for scripture and shepherding both musicians and a congregation in the process, experience as a leader, and desire to help a church reach a new generation for Jesus. If you are interested, let's talk. If you know someone who might be interested, please help us by passing along the word. Worship is the bridge to a younger generation so that we can make disciples. Check us out at, or facebook Valley Park Church, North Hills. Pray with us for leadership.

About Valley Park Baptist Church

Small church close to Cal State Northridge. Did well through COVID without closing. Maintained ministry in person and grew a live streaming following. Close to 50 children and youth. Need to reach younger generation better through contemporary worship. Can be seen on facebook under Valley Park Church, North Hills. Could combine worship leader compensation with a pastoral responsibiltiy for family ministry and discipleship to have a more significant salary. Church is a strong Bible teaching church with a passion for making disciples. There is no traditional element to adapt to. Just need to love Jesus and family of God. We embrace a variety of personalities and are a very mult-ethnic people.

Experience Required
1 – 5 years


Education Required
Bachelor’s degree

Date Posted
1 year ago
North Hills, California

Baptist: American

Church Size
75-125 people

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