Associate Pastor for Worship

Rocky Bayou Baptist | Niceville, Florida
Job Description

Plan and Lead Sunday Morning Worship Music and Other Music

- The worship pastor is given the sacred trust of communicating the glory of God through song and the spoken word.

- Choose songs and scriptures in coordination with the senior pastor or preacher of the week.

- Learn and use Planning Center Church Management Software (PC) (

- Enter into Planning Center music worship arrangements, related sheet music files, and other instructions for worship team and church staff.

- Coordinate with church secretary to get music printed & ready for Sunday.

- Schedule instruments & praise team on PC software.

- Input songs, lyrics, scriptures into weekly worship guide for email.

- Send reminder emails to choir & scheduled elder (Thursdays).

- Prepare verbal cues, transitions, prayers, and other content related to leading worship on Sundays.

- Lead Sunday morning worship preparation.

- Lead musical portion of worship gathering.

Provide Servant Leadership and Oversight to the Music Worship Team

- Provide pastoral oversight to worship team members which includes the choir director and choir, instrumentalists, and other praise team members.

- Encourage and equip members of the worship ministry team, building them up as followers of Christ.

- Lead, plan, and conduct rehearsals each week.

- Recruit new music worship team members.

- Purchase new music as needed.

- Maintain communication with choir and orchestra as needed (via Planning Center).

- Piano tuning (tuner keeps his own schedule, comes 4x/year).

- Maintenance and other purchases as needed (e.g. new bass guitar, etc).

Oversee Hospitality and Assimilation Ministry of the Church

- Oversee Rocky’s HUB Greeting Ministry by providing guidance to Deacon HUB leader and volunteer team.

- As much as possible, lead by example by meeting and greeting guests after services.

- Plan and Coordinate (with the assistance of a volunteer team) the 6 week Discover Rocky Classes - taught by yourself and various elders during the 9:00 ABF hour.

- Coordinate New Member Interviews with elders (including the signing of the membership covenant “yellow cards”).

- Introduce New Members to the church body during a morning service.

Oversee Audio-Visual Team

- Provide pastoral oversight and care of the AV team leader and team.

- Ensure the team has the necessary resources (human and technical) required to support their ministry to the church.

- Provide oversight and guidance in respect to Rocky’s online service streaming. This includes helping the team to solve technical issues and ensure corrective actions when required.

- Coordinate with the deacon team and AV Personnel to provide oversight of AV needs including the purchasing and upgrading of AV equipment as needed.

- Ensure streaming meets the standards of the elders.

Plan, Lead, and Coordinate Special Events Music

- Coordinate music worship for monthly Rocky Family Nights meeting along with the senior pastor or other elders involved with leading the evening session.

- Plan, assist, and coordinate music for special events that foster the spreading of the gospel to the local community through music and preaching of the word. Examples may include: Good Friday, Christmas Evening Music, and so forth.

- Provide oversight and assistance as needed for children’s music leaders and programs.

- Advise and assist the youth pastor with selection and mentoring of students who serve on the youth praise team.

Along with Other Staff Pastors Assist in the Coordinating of Baptisms, Church Weddings, Funerals, and other Church Social Events

- As a staff pastor you may be called to coordinate church members interested in baptism, weddings, funerals, or other church related social events with members, church staff, and the elder and deacon teams.

- Ensure required information is communicated to relevant parties.

- Assist senior pastor, church staff, other elders, and deacons in the orchestration of communication and implementation of a given event.

Child Dedication Training and Services (2-3x per Year)

- Lead, coordinate, schedule, and communicate with families dedicating their children.

- Meet with families for a one hour training session prior to a dedication service.

- Lead the church and families through the child dedication service during gathered worship and present child dedication certificates.

Additional Duties

- Along with other staff pastors support weekly benevolence as required (typically one per week).

- Assist senior pastor in writing weekly articles.

- Participate in, and periodically lead Wednesday night prayer group (8:30 - 9:00 PM) meetings.

- Occasionally preach expository sermons.

- Occasionally teach Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) on Sunday mornings.

- Assist other staff pastors in pastoral, administrative, and other duties as required.


The worship pastor position is one of 4 full-time staff pastor positions at Rocky Bayou Baptist Church. RBBC holds that biblical pastors, elders, and overseers as mentioned in the bible are one and the same. Therefore candidates who apply should be biblically qualified for eldership and aspire to minister as an elder. This staff member will be expected to attend to matters of prayer, the teaching of the word, and shepherding and care for God’s people in addition to music related responsibilities. Candidates should have experience being discipled as well as discipling others. Additionally, the congregation must approve all elders, and therefore the called man will begin his ministry at Rocky as a staff “minister” to enable the congregation to get to know him prior to his appointment as an elder candidate.

Experience Required
6 – 10 years
Education Required
Bachelor’s degree
Job Type

Niceville, Florida
Baptist: SBC
Church Size