Worship Arts Director

Discovery Church

Job Description


Discovery Church is looking for a dynamic, innovative person to create, engineer, direct, and produce our contemporary worship service. The Worship Arts Director will also assist with various age groups and special events. This W.A.D. will be responsible for developing an inspiring, and mutually supportive Praise and Worship Team.


1.    Collaborate with the Pastor and the Worship Team to create a Cohesive, impactful, spiritually authentic worship service.

2.    Provide/Direct the musical support for all Discovery Church events as needed.

3.    Lead, shape and oversee the organizational relationships of the worship team including but not limited to the following: Song selection, logistics, spiritual development, artistic development and overall relational health.

4.    Develop a volunteer-based worship team that is inspirational, motivational and encouraging. Develop qualities that excite our spiritual thirst for the live giving spirit of Christ. Organize rehearsals, music selection and media presentation.

5.    Cooperate with sound engineering, lighting and production for each worship service and all special events.

6.    Create a desire in our faith community to give God their very best by instilling an atmosphere of instrumental/vocal excellence.

7.    Seek out / discover talented people who desire to serve joyfully on the Worship team.



1.    A mature, strong, and growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

2.    Gifted in music as an expression of faith and creative artistic discernment.

3.    Excellent instrumental (3 or more instruments desired) and vocal abilities. 

4.    Experienced in “tech support” including: digital sound boards, computer enhancements, lighting, familiarity with (Protools, Ableton, Logic Pro. Etc), familiar with Planning Center.

5.    Strong visionary, planning, and organizational skills.

6.    Fluency in contemporary music, choir and music culture.

7.    Effective team builder and motivator.

8.    Four year degree in music or related field.

9.    Competent communicator; both interpersonal and public. Must be able to communicate efficiently and effectively regarding all matters of the worship experience.



The job performance of the Worship Arts Director will be evaluated annually by the Senior Pastor.

About Discovery Church

  • We love Jesus.
  • We measure the value of something based on the impact that it has on the people we are trying to serve.
  • Humility is an asset.
  • The bible is not on trial.
  • Unity within the staff creates the foundation on which anything can be done.
  • Prayer provides clarity

Experience Required
6 – 10 years


Education Required
Bachelor’s degree

Date Posted
2 years ago
Hickory, North Carolina


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