Minister of Creative Arts

FBC Warrensburg

Job Description


The Worship Leader at FBC Warrensburg is a full-time role that reports to the lead elder, working in conjunction with the technical team to oversee the Sunday morning worship of the congregation. This position oversees additional opportunities for service with senior adults, care ministries, and offers consultation to the student and children’s ministries of FBC. Additionally, this position mentors, champions, and supports artists within the congregation to use their gifts for the glory of God throughout the wider community.



To glorify God through the service of His church by leading the saints in His worship through the arts.


  1. Lead the congregation weekly in the musical worship of God.
  2. Rehearse with and train team members in preparation of songs and co-leading congregation.
  3. Plan Sunday services in conjunction with lead elder and pastoral team, as well as other services as directed.

4.    Cultivate a passion and use of the arts throughout FBC toward the glory of God and edification of the saints.


1.    Demonstrates godly character in all capacities

2.    Manages own household well as demonstrated in shepherding spouse and kids, if applicable, as well as in maintaining financial stewardship in the home

3.    Proven ability to vision cast and equip leaders/volunteers to implement the vision

4.    Proven ability to manage fluid details of ongoing projects

5.    Ability to communicate the big picture and logistical details of worship and other special events

6.    Proven experience leading corporate worship and leading worship teams

7.    Proven experience working with the main areas of AVLT technical production

8.    Must be a self-starter demonstrating the ability to take initiative and handle multiple tasks

9.    Must be a life-long learner in both the fields of worship music/technical production as well as in the wider doctrines of the Christian faith

10. Detail oriented, with excellent organizational skills and follow-through

11. Innovative while demonstrating an ability to work within defined parameters

What the job looks like:

  1. Worship Team
  2. Planning of worship team personnel (month at a time)
  3. Planning of songs for worship sets (meet weekly to discuss - plan four weeks in advance)
  4. Planning weekly rehearsals and devotional time with and for worship team
  5. Purchasing/organizing/implementing new and familiar songs on Planning Center
  6. Organizing songs on Planning center (chord charts/arrangements/sound tracks, etc.)
  7. Updating/reviewing lyrics for each song
  8. Coordinating order of service with lead elder and pastoral team(weekly)
  9. Technical Production
  10. Oversee, in conjunction with key part-time staff and volunteers, the technical production team
  11. Maintain organization and communication with all aspects of AVLT production   
  12. Coordinate all logistics regarding the use of AVLT elements needed for worship/special events.
  13. Recruit, train, mentor, and empower technical production volunteers for needed AVLT support.
  14. Oversee, in conjunction with key part-time staff and volunteers, the repair, maintenance and replacement of all production equipment.
  15. Supports and aids musical needs in other ministries, such as, but not limited to, senior adults, students, and children’s ministries

About FBC Warrensburg

FBC is a multi-generational church in a college/Air Force town just 45 minutes outside of Kansas City. The church exists as a partnership in the Gospel to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ who make disciples!

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Experience Required
1 – 5 years


Education Required
Bachelor’s degree

Date Posted
4 months ago
Warrensburg, Missouri

Baptist: SBC

Church Size
500-750 people

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