Job Description

Leading the GFC faith family in contemporary worship is a multi-faceted approach, including engaging people through music, media, technology, and their senses. The position is designed to help people engage with Jesus by providing multiple ways for individuals and the body to worship. This position is also about building and equipping teams who are capable of leading others in worship. 

Key Directives:

Worship Ministry

1.     Attend weekly Staff Team meetings and be prepared to give a ministry report concerning your Team. Contribute to the overall needs and functions of the Staff Team. 

2.     Lead Worship rehearsals and develop effective communication with the Worship Team prior to Sunday for the weekly Worship gathering of the GFC Faith Family. 

3.     Build a Worship Team that will be equipped to lead the GFC Faith Family into Worship. 

·       Consistently look for new people to add to the Worship Team.

·       Evaluate talent and skill of people desiring to serve on the Worship Team. 

·       Strategically put a team together weekly who will effectively lead GFC to Worship God corporately. 

4.     Work with the Lead Pastor or Speaker to build a music set which will help engage people in Worship and tie into the overall message/theme of the Worship experience. 

5.     Oversee the Audio/Visual Team, working with the Media Director to recruit, train and schedule individuals to serve on that team. 


1.   Lead your family in your home as a disciple of Jesus. Your first and greatest responsibility/priority is the spiritual health of your family. 

2.     Be committed to participating in or leading a Life Group.

3.     Engage in personal discipleship within your team or in relationships you develop. 

4.     Carry out the mission and vision for our church by leading our body from stage to understand the importance of discipleship and how God is at work in your life through being a disciple and making disciples.

Creative Arts 

Depending on the giftings and passions of applicants, these things may or may not continue under this job title. These are things we hope for but are not required for this position. 

1.  Assist in the weekly Creative Team meeting to help set tone and direction for stage designs and graphics production to tie into unique Teaching Series and give input on events specific to worship and the arts.

2.     Oversee the development of content for the GFC website. Create content useful for the site to help communicate to visitors of the website who we are as a church and how to connect. 

3.     Recruit people within the GFC Faith Family to share their testimonies via video. 

4.     Oversee the video portions of our services.

a.     Develop a team who can become competent in video recording and editing.

Mission & Vision: Works with elders, staff and volunteers to provide excellence in the Worship experience for the body.

·       Communicates and reinforces direction and vision with the body.

·       Ensures a healthy culture of relationship and team within the Worship Team.

Staff Team: Participates on the Staff Team, working with the team to accomplish the overall mission and vision for GFC. 

Key Ministries: 

Worship: Responsible for working with the Lead Pastor to coordinate the weekly worship services. This includes music, video, audio and all elements of the Sunday morning Worship experience. 

Leadership Development: 

·       Develops Worship Team (musicians and vocalists) by recruiting new people to the team, evaluating their talent, training them to lead the GFC Faith Family in biblically appropriate Worship experiences.

·       Develops and trains people who will do video recording, editing, and production. 

·       Works with Staff Team on Website design, content and updates. 

Oversight of pastoral care for the Worship Team: Remain sensitive to current needs within the Worship Team and ensures appropriate people give and receive proper, timely care. 

Discipleship: Look for ways within your team to reproduce yourself and your faith in Jesus. Discipleship is relational and intentional. Build your schedule to include quality time spent with people where you are taking the role of an intentional leader to invest in their life. Discipleship needs a Biblical foundation. Make sure you are staying in God’s Word personally and using Scripture to help guide others as followers of Jesus. Discipleship is reproducible. Make sure the way you are investing in a person’s life can be replicated. If you are the only one who can do it, it can’t be passed along. 

We encourage you to view our services to get a better understanding of what worshiping Jesus looks like at GFC:

Email your resume to Dwight Whitworth and Company: [email protected] and include in the subject line “Grace Fellowship, Kingsport, TN – Worship Pastor.” Or, you may call 423-672-4031. Please do not contact the church directly.

About Grace Fellowship Church - Kingsport

GFC is a non-denominational church in Kingsport, Tennessee, part of the Tri-Cities region of Northeast Tennessee, minutes from Bristol and Johnson City. We are an elder-led church of Christ-followers who have a heart for our community and desire to grow in our relationship Jesus and make disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus. Our vision: to reach the unchurched by releasing people who love Jesus passionately and others irresistibly. Our beliefs:

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Bachelor’s degree

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Kingsport, Tennessee


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125-250 people

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