Job Description

The Pulpit Search Committee at Upper Cross Roads Baptist Church in Baldwin, Maryland is currently accepting resumes for the position of Senior Pastor.

UCRBC’s Senior Pastor will joyfully lead this congregation, devoting himself to prayer and the ministry of the Word. His character – above reproach, temperate, hospitable, managing his own house well, not self-willed, not quick tempered – will be an example to the congregation and will protect the gospel witness in our community. He will faithfully shepherd the members of UCRBC, seeking their growth to spiritual maturity, and equipping them for the work of the ministry. He will guard against false teaching and straying from the faith. He will encourage the church in following the great commission in Matthew 28:18-20. He will lead, knowing he will give an account to God for his stewardship, submitting himself to the authority of God’s Word.



The Senior Pastor will demonstrate the character and teaching abilities described in passages such as Titus 1:5-9 and I Timothy 3:1-7. The Pulpit Search Committee will require the following evidences of a candidate’s qualifications for Senior Pastor:

  • Strong agreement with UCRBC’s Articles of Faith, Church Covenant, & Church Mission.
  • Ordination, licensing, or recommendation to the ministry from a church of like faith and practice
  • References of character and ability
  • Clear background checks (e.g., Criminal Record, Child Abuse and Neglect)

Additional Considerations

The Pulpit Search Committee may also consider:

  • Theological education
  •  Previous vocational experience in the ministry
  • Audio or video samples of sermons
  •  Existing blogs, journal articles, social media posts, or other written materials
  • Additional items as requested by the Committee (e.g., questionnaire)


Ministry of the Word

  1. The Senior Pastor will lead UCRBC’s preaching and teaching ministry. Recognizing that God’s Word is central to church life and spiritual growth, he will ensure that UCRBC’s main worship gatherings feature expositional preaching. The Senior Pastor will devote himself to the study of God’s Word.
  2. The Senior Pastor will collaborate with the pastoral staff* of the church to coordinate the preaching schedule for worship services. The Senior Pastor is expected to be the primary preacher on Sunday mornings and to ensure that the pulpit is filled by faithful preachers when he is absent.
  3. The Senior Pastor will collaborate with the pastoral staff, Sunday School Superintendent, and other relevant individuals in the church to appoint teachers and identify topics for other teaching opportunities (e.g., Sunday School).
  4. The Senior Pastor shall be responsible for the development of lay leadership and shall participate as an ex-officio member of committees. The Senior Pastor may also delegate some of the responsibility of development of the lay leadership to appropriate pastoral or office staff** but has the ultimate responsibility.
  5. Counseling: He shall be expected to participate in pastoral counseling which arises out of his work relationships in the church and community.
  6. Fellowship: He will be open to participate in fellowship events which will enable him and his family to be refreshed and to sustain contact with all segments of the congregation.
  7. He shall be the operating head of the church, delegating specific assignments and providing such instructions and guidance as needed; the goal being coordinated direction to the church in attaining its objectives.
  8.  He shall be accountable to the church Deacon Committee.



  1. The Senior Pastor will devote himself to prayer. He will regularly pray for the members of Upper Cross Roads Baptist Church.
  2. The Senior Pastor will model the commands and examples of Scripture during public prayer at church gatherings.
  3. The Senior Pastor will lead the church in a culture of prayer, in which members regularly pray for one another.

Corporate Worship

  1. The Senior Pastor will lead in planning the order of worship to include expositional preaching, prayer, Scripture readings, congregational singing, and the ordinances.
  2. The Senior Pastor will serve in the rotation of service leaders, who call the church to worship, read Scripture, and pray during the worship services.
  3. The Senior Pastor will oversee the church’s practice of the ordinances, including believers’ baptism and regular observance of the Lord’s Supper.


  1. The Senior Pastor will seek to preserve the unity of the church, building a culture of love for one another and leading members through reconciliation when necessary.
  2. The Senior Pastor will demonstrate faithful membership to the church.
  3. The Senior Pastor will lead the church in a culture of love, fellowship, and hospitality, through means such as working with office staff to help distribute a membership directory and encouraging Biblical Small Groups to form.
  4. The Senior Pastor will collaborate with the pastoral staff and the Deacon Board to conduct membership interviews, recommend candidates for the church’s affirmation of membership, and assist transitioning members with finding a new church home.
  5. The Senior Pastor will provide leadership to situations of church discipline, in accordance with Scripture (e.g., Matthew 18:15-22, I Corinthians 5:1-5)

Pastoral Care

  1. The Senior Pastor will collaborate with the pastoral staff to ensure each member of the church receives ongoing pastoral care.
  2. The Senior Pastor will provide counseling to church members and, if necessary, refer members to trusted counselors outside of the church.
  3. The Senior Pastor will conduct pastoral visits to hospitalized members, widows, and shut-ins and perform requested pastoral services (e.g., weddings, funerals) as appropriate.


  1. The Senior Pastor will serve as an example of personal evangelism.
  2. The Senior Pastor will encourage and lead the church to declare the gospel in the community and among the nations.
  3. The Senior Pastor will lead by example in engaging the UCRBC community, seeking to see disciples of Christ multiply.


  1. The Senior Pastor will ensure completion of ongoing administrative tasks of the church. This responsibility includes overseeing church staff and volunteers in their responsibilities.
  2. The Senior Pastor will oversee a healthy deacon ministry. He will communicate church needs to the Deacon Committee and delegate tasks to them.
  3. The Senior Pastor will collaborate with the pastoral staff to set the agenda for and lead members’ meetings.
  4. The Senior Pastor will assist with church financial matters, such as advising on the annual church budget and approving expenses that do not require congregational approval (e.g., building expenses not exceeding an amount agreed upon by the Budget & Finance Committee).
  5. He shall conduct the annual personnel performances of the pastoral staff and office staff. The resulting written performances shall be submitted to the Deacon Committee on an annual basis along with recommendations of merit increases and shall be done in time for the Deacon Committee to put together its recommendations to the Budget & Finance Committee.
  6. He will allow pastoral staff and office staff the freedom to act creatively within the areas of their responsibilities and will endeavor to keep open lines of communication with the pastoral and other staff, the Deacon Committee, and congregation in order that meaningful dialogue will take place for the enrichment of the church’s ministry outreach.
  7. He shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, but he may assign members of the pastoral staff and congregation to be resource persons for specific assignments and/or consultation.


COMPENSATION: Upper Cross Roads Baptist Church’s annual budget provides salary and benefits to the Senior Pastor. The Pulpit Search Committee anticipates a financial package of [TBD] pending the church’s approval of the budget. The distribution of salary, health insurance, medical reimbursement, retirement, or other designated benefits will be determined upon hiring.

APPLICATION: Candidates must submit a cover letter, resume, and list of references to the chair of the Pulpit Search Committee through the online contact form on the church website ( The Pulpit Search Committee will request additional information as needed (e.g., questionnaire, additional references).

About Upper Cross Roads Baptist Church

Upper Cross Roads Baptist Church is located in Baldwin, Maryland near the Harford County/Baltimore County border. 

We are a family friendly, biblically conservative, evangelism-oriented church incorporating a balanced emphasis of worship, fellowship, discipleship, Bible learning and outreach. Our goal is to impact Harford and Baltimore counties in Maryland with the grace of Jesus our Savior.

We currently run between 90 – 120 people for our Morning Worship Service. Our congregation uses a wide variety of Bible translations with the ESV typically being used in our Morning Worship Service. We love getting immersed into the Word with expositional preaching that is relevant & applicable to our lives today. Our worship music includes a blend of older & newer hymns as well as Biblically sound praise & worship songs.

The Lord has blessed us with 14 acres of land and three buildings: a newly remodeled Sanctuary with classrooms in the lower level; a Parsonage; and a Family Life Center which contains our offices, gymnasium, kitchen, and classrooms.

Our previous pastor served for 30 years before moving to another church out of state this past summer. We are seeking the Lord's will for a new Senior Pastor to shepherd our congregation. We are currently accepting resumes for Senior Pastor. 

Learn more about our Senior Pastor Search here:

Experience Required
1 – 5 years


Education Required
Bachelor’s degree

Date Posted
10 months ago
Baldwin, Maryland


Church Size
75-125 people

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