Job Description

Presbyterian Kirk of the Hills in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas is looking for a Lead Pastor. He/She will be responsible for a quality of life and relationships that commends the gospel to all persons and that communicates its joy and justice. He/She is responsible for studying, teaching, and preaching the Word, for celebrating Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, and for praying with and for the congregation. With the ruling elders, he/she is to encourage people in the worship and service of God; to equip and enable them for their tasks within the church and their mission in the world; to exercise pastoral care, devoting special attention to the poor, the sick, the troubled, and the dying; to participate in governing responsibilities.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Serving as the teacher and leader of worship
  • Identifying opportunities to expand the outreach of the Kirk in the community
  • Provide grief and spiritual counsel
  • Plan and moderate Session and congregational meetings
  • Manage the staff at Presbyterian Kirk of the Hills

What you need to have:

  • An approachable, trustworthy leader possessing a balance between confidence and humility with a healthy dose of charisma
  • A Biblical scholar with a passion and skill to help us understand and apply the lessons of the Bible
  • An outgoing man or woman who will do their best to visit with us, learn our names, and be a part of our greater community
  • A supporter of a quality music program who understands and appreciate the important role of music to our congregation

Residents and visitors enjoy life in a small community surrounded by the forest and a beautiful lake. The community presents opportunities to just relax and enjoy retirement or to be as active as people would like. The air is clean and the weather temperate. There are amenities and services that exceed those in most communities of less than 2,500 population. The cost of living in the area is surprisingly low. There are places to play, to enjoy nature and to worship. Many of our current residents have moved to Fairfield Bay from metropolitan areas to find a slower pace of life in one of Arkansas’ safest and most desirable planned communities.

Apply Now
Experience Required
1 – 5 years


Education Required
Some college

Date Posted
6 months ago
Fairfield Bay, Arkansas

Presbyterian: PCUSA

Church Size
0-75 people