Job Description

ACC/CDCC Campus Pastor Job Description

The Campus Pastor has six primary responsibilities:

  1. Passionately living for Jesus and leading by example while inspiring others to do the same;
  2. Preaching and Teaching using the Bible as the foundation;
  3. Visionary Leadership in Partnership and Collaboration with the Lead Pastor and team of Elders for that campus;
  4. Operational Leadership in Partnership with the Ministry Teams;
  5. Pastoring and providing counsel to the ACC/CDCC congregation and willing to minister to the community at large;
  6. Continually Developing Leaders to serve the Body of Christ and influence their world for Jesus.

ACC/CDCC’s mission statement can be used as a framework; giving greater detail to these responsibilities:

Love God. Love Others. Make Disciples.”

1. Love God

  1. It is expected that the Campus Pastor have a consistent, growing, and passionate relationship with Jesus. He should pray and be in God’s Word daily.  
  2. He should be a visionary leader, expressing a vision that comes out of his relationship with God and revelation from God (Proverbs 28:19); not his own vision.
  3. His love for God should be the primary motivation for the way he lives, leads, and prioritizes his time.
  4. His love and passion for God should come through in his preaching and teaching.

   2. Love Others

     a. Loving others can be summed up by this acronym:

       Providing leadership and guidance for people struggling to figure out life’s biggest questions.

       Allowing oneself to be a safe place for people who seek refuge, strength, and encouragement.

       Showing love and grace to reflect the heart of God the Father.

       Training others to know, live for, and lead like Christ

       Offering care and support for those experiencing difficult times.

       Revealing truth to when correction and counsel is needed.

  3. Make Disciples

   a. He should practice discipleship in his personal life, with his family, and       

      with those inside his own personal circle of influence.

   b. Identify, recruit, and develop ministry leaders and teams.

   c. Oversee and empower others in the development of discipleship

      programs and events.

   d. He should endeavor to continually be growing and learning how to   

      provide the best means necessary for helping either the ACC or CDCC campus to grow in Christ.

   e. Yearly evaluating programs with the Lead Pastor to ensure effectiveness rather than maintaining status quo.

Character Expectations:

  1. Maturity
  2. Spiritually Mature
  3. Have a good handle on scripture and live life with a biblical worldview.
  4. It is important to not just have knowledge of scripture, but also to be an example of someone who lives their life guided by scripture and is willing to be vulnerable and transparent with weaknesses.
  5. Emotionally Mature
  6. Able to represent Christ well, even in difficult circumstances with difficult people.
  7. Alignment with the DNA, Mission/Vision, and Culture of ACC/CDCC.
  8. Understand and wholeheartedly agree with what makes our church “tick.”
  9. Use our “common language” to promote and remind people what ACC/CDCC is all about.
  10. A self-starter
  11. Must have initiative and able to work independently without supervision.
  12. Be a person of vision who will set goals; then work hard to attain them.
  13. Humble with a servant’s heart
  14. Be willing to submit to overall church leadership. 
  15. Submission isn’t submission until there’s a disagreement.
  16. Lead the different ministries within the campus by serving and empowering them.
  17. Someone who not only shepherds and shapes others, but is willing to be shaped by others.
  18. Flexible and able to adapt with changing conditions and circumstances.
  19. Having the discernment to be transparent about life and ministry, but also know when to draw the line with “too much information.”
  20. Sense of humor
  21. Be able to laugh at yourself.
  22. Have the wisdom to never allow your sense of humor to embarrass someone else.
  23. Makes time for his marriage and family.
  24. Meets the qualifications of an Elder as outlined in our Bylaws and Elder Description documents.
  25. Passes a criminal background check.


  1. Good public speaker in both large group and small group settings.
  2. Team player and team builder.
  3. Able to work well with a diverse group of people in a collaborative environment
  4. Able and willing to provide counsel, build people, develop leaders, and invest in the lives of others.
  5. Can connect and relate to people from all walks of life.
  6. Able to manage teams and empower others.
  7. Understand how to mentor and “raise up” new leaders.
  8. Recognizes when and how to ask for help.

Ministry Expectations

  1. Preaching/Teaching
  2. Pastoral Counseling
  3. Administrative Assistance
  4. Visitation
  5. Discipleship
  6. Overseeing Christian Education
  7. Other Ministry Assignments as designated by the Elder Team

*It is the Elder Team’s desire to allow the Campus Pastor’s spiritual gifts and passion to be displayed through these expectations and ministry opportunities.

About Almira/Coulee Dam Community Church

We are a rural, non-denominational church that is led in a team environment. We currently have two campuses. Our Almira, WA campus is located in a town of about 250 people. This campus reaches several surrounding (farming) towns and is very active in both children's and youth programs. We launched the Coulee Dam campus a little over 5 years ago when given an opportunity to start worship services in a church building that was not being used. Since that time, it has been exciting to see what God has done in our midst and we have since started Kid's Church on Sundays, as well as have a youth group, bible studies and small groups currently meeting. We are excited for the opportunity to be able to hire an additional pastor to help meets the growing needs of our church.

Experience Required
1 – 5 years


Education Required
High school diploma

Date Posted
1 year ago
Almira, Washington


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