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We are one of very few Christian therapeutic wilderness camps for girls. We are a 365 day-a-year camping program tailored to meet the needs of girls who are dealing with past hurts and frustrations in their lives. We ask a lot from staff we hire to help our clients, as our girls have had so little given to them. These staff help influence the lives of a number of girls for the better. Camp is hard work yet it is quite rewarding. Many counselor/teachers grow tremendously in personal, mental, emotional, professional, and spiritual areas of their life. The camp environment helps staff and camper alike to grow to be prepared to meet the challenges ahead of them in life. That said, we ask them to give up themselves and help girls to gain a chance toward hope in life.


It is a five days per week on duty, with two days off each week. When on duty, counselors live in an outdoor campsite with campers. Off-duty housing on property is provided.

Qualifications: The counselor/teacher position is the primary position which builds relationships with our girls. This person needs to be trustworthy, able to show discernment and judgment, and willing to learn. This position is for a female, minimum age of 21 years old, high school diploma/GED, and who has strong character qualities.

About Wilderness Way Camp School

Wilderness Way Girl's Camp is not a church in the traditional sense, but rather a ministry which is persistent in getting off the road and down into the ditches, briars and brambles to care for those God has set in our way.

Wilderness Way Girls' Camp, located in Upstate South Carolina, seeks to help girls who are struggling in their families, schools, and communities. Past hurts and sometimes current instability have caused our girls to doubt themselves, distrust adults, act out, and question whether God really cares for them.

We are a year-round, life-wide, character-building, camping and educational program which helps troubled girls adjust so they can return to their homes, schools, and communities. The girls which we work with are 10-17 years old. Our treatment program is quite intensive and adventuresome. It primarily relies on relationships with others. Many of the girls which we work with are ones which society pushes farther away by not dealing with them. We, on the other hand, build relationships and draw a hurting and troubled girl in closer to us so we can help them deal with the issues which are bothering them. While our treatment program is quite successful, our overriding goal is to help them know Jesus Christ and to grow spiritually.

Experience Required
Entry level


Education Required
Some college

Date Posted
2 years ago
FAIR PLAY, South Carolina


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