Job Description

POSITION: CSRM Director of Church Relations

REPORTS TO:   CSRM Executive Director



The Director of Church Relations of the association of Church Sports & Recreation Ministers (CSRM) will ensure CSRM achieves its Vision, by maintaining its focus on its Mission, through connecting with the local church for the purpose of equipping sports ministers/pastors with CSRM resources and introducing them into a networking relationship with CSRM, other ministers/pastors/lay leaders, and providing them relationships and resources. 


  • Responsible for Overseeing  the overall, Biblically-based, Christ-Centered, Spiritual Vitality of CSRM’s 2Rs, as it relates to Church Relations and sports minister/pastor development. 
  • Responsible for Accomplishing the CSRM Church Relations and sports minister/pastor development strategy in conjunction with the Executive Director, other staff and volunteers to monitor and evaluate all related endeavors
  • Responsible for Communicating the objectives of his efforts of the Church Relations and sports/minister/pastor development Strategy through the written and spoken word via traditional and evolving technological means
  • Responsible for Raising Support for the Director of Church Relations position and other managerial costs related to the administration of the Church Relations and sports minister/pastor Strategy including salary
  • Responsible for Maintaining all teachings/practices based upon CSRM’s “3-Tier Paradigm:”
  • Level #1 – Christological Theological Truths - “why” we do what we do
  • Level #2 – Biblically-based Philosophical Principles – “when, where, with whom” we do what we do
  • Level #3 – Relevant and Strategic Methodological Models – “what we do”


Envision and implement CSRM’s Church Relations strategy by:

  • Building relationships with the local church and expanding CSRM’s base with local churches around the country
  • Organize regional CSRM Roundtables for SR&F ministers and lay leaders around the country
  • Oversee and communicate CSRM’s Small Church Initiative
  • Equip sports/recreation/fitness leaders with CSRM resources
  • Attend and provide a CSRM presence as a vendor at specific conferences
  • Provide coaching relationships to SR&F ministers 
  • Contribute to personal and CSRM fundraising efforts
  • Attend REACH Gathering annually
  • Develop a church partners database for further contact and networking


  • A growing Disciple of Jesus Christ
  • Manifested by regular, personal Spiritual-Growth & Christ-Honoring lifestyle
  • An active member of a local church
  • Manifested in weekly attendance of his home church or a church being served                     
  • Have an active role in a local church Sports Outreach Ministry
  • Manifested by regular involvement as a consultant, volunteer leader or participant
  • Personally involved in Evangelism
  • Manifested by maintaining and actively pursuing an “Andrew List”
  • Personally involved in Discipling
  • Manifested by personally discipling other Christians


  • Maintains a healthy personal ethos:
  • Marriage and family
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Maintains a healthy work environment
  • Team player 
  • Leads by example
  • Willingness to serve others 
  • Exhibits a humble spirit and an ability to receive and give constructive criticism
  • Out of the box" thinker
  • Creates a loving, open and honoring atmosphere for all staff 
  • Maintains healthy & growing staff and volunteers (if this applies) by being a positive influence as   
  • Teacher
  • Coach
  • Mentor
  • Cheerleader
  • Spiritual Director 
  • Maintains healthy Supervisor and Peer relationships by:
  • Supporting all peers in prayer and through demonstrated deeds and words
  • Remaining loyal to all CSRM staff
  • Maintains healthy relationships with the broader Sports Outreach Movement & Community through
  • Possessing and/or developing “natural” meet the public skills
  • Personal Sincerity and Integrity 
  • Relating easily to all bodies politic 
  • Spiritual Gifts: Leadership/Administration/Evangelism/Discipleship/Teaching/Pastoring


  • A minimum of 5 years in Sports and Recreation Outreach Ministries
  • A minimum of 5 years as a local church Sports and Recreation Outreach Minister is preferred
  • BA (Required) or M.A. / M. Div. / Doctoral Degree (Preferred) in Sports Outreach Ministry, Sports Management, Ministry, Management, Communications, Educating or other related areas
  • Respected within the Sports Outreach Movement and wider Church community
  • Demonstrated ability to lead a Sports, Fitness, or Recreation Related Ministry with excellence and the evidence of bearing fruit and changing lives
  • Demonstrated ability to lead a ministry within a local church with excellence and the evidence of bearing fruit and changing lives
  • Demonstrated success in evangelism
  • Demonstrated success in discipleship
  • Demonstrated success in casting vision and equipping volunteers to carry out the vision

Apply Now
Experience Required
1 – 5 years


Education Required
Bachelor’s degree

Date Posted
2 months ago
Canton, Ohio


Church Size
1,500-2,000 people