Associate of Worship and Family

North Christian Church

Job Description

The Associate Minister of Worship and Family will oversee, coordinate and cast vision for the Worship and Family Ministry areas, and subsequent supporting ministry teams. This individual will work with existing teams to continue and improve the ministry environments by leading, supporting, resourcing and equipping existing and future volunteers. A detailed overview is provided below. This position is currently viewed as a 'Dual Ministry Role' position, dividing work time between Worship, Family and General Ministry areas.

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About North Christian Church

North Christian Church started just prior to 1960 with a few dedicated families. The church started as a Church of Christ, and later changed to Christian Church. The church has a history of longevity in the minister position, having only a relatively small number of ministers who stay for a longer number of years.

In 1997 the church moved to its current location, building a brand new building on a number of newly purchased acres on the north side of town. After continued growth, an additional addition/remodel was done in 2005. In its ‘prime’ NCC’s attendance was over 300, current attendance is around 125.

North Christian Church has a great history of impacting the city of Cheyenne with its relational discipleship. After a few years of not having a specific ministry for youth, there is great excitement and anticipation for the relaunching of the student ministries at NCC. This new leader will have the opportunity of relaunching the student ministries while helping with the contemporary worship service. Pastor Matt is excited about welcoming this new leader to the team.

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Experience Required
Entry level


Education Required
High school diploma

Date Posted
2 months ago
Cheyenne, Wyoming


Church Size
125-250 people

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