Job Description

Holly Springs Baptist Church Job Description


I. Position Title:                     Worship Pastor


II. Recruited By:                     The Pastor and Elders with review by Personnel Team


III. Recommended By:           The Pastor and Elders along with Personnel Team


IV. Approved By:                   The Church Membership


V. Accountable To:                 The Pastor and Elders


VI. Principle Function:            


Endeavor to stay spiritually sensitive to the Holy Spirit through prayer and Bible study in order to be able to lead all the people by right example of life in the spirit and service of the Lord. The Minister of Music and University minister is responsible for the leading of the church in planning, coordinating, and evaluating the music ministry and University Ministry of the church. He is responsible to follow and be an example in his walk with the Lord by staying morally pure and ethically above reproach. He is responsible to the church under the supervision of the Pastor in cooperation with the Elders.




1.     Plan, organize, and lead all aspects of the musical worship portion of all worship services.

2.     Plan, organize, direct and promote all areas of the music ministry including, but not limited to, vocal and instrumental aspects of the program.

3.     Supervise the enlisting, training, and work of leadership needed for the church music ministry.

4.     Coordinate all music for all services conducted by the church. Develop plans for improving congregational singing in all services and departments; assist the pastor in planning conducting and evaluating the worship services of the church; and assist with weddings, funerals, and special ministries of the church.

5.     Cooperate with the Pastor and Elders to help grow the music ministry and be supportive of all other ministries and other leaders of those ministries.

6.     Cooperate with the Minister of Youth and any other minister called by the church.

7.     Supervise the sound system, lighting, and other technologies that help enhance our worship and see that there are trained individuals to operate these systems for all services.

8.     Endeavor to stay abreast of developments in clinics, worships, seminars, and/or conferences.

9.     Perform and/or assign such administrative duties as are required, including the following:    

a)     Request from the church through established channels needed resources (personnel, time, space, equipment, finances, materials, and music)

b)     Prepare and submit an annual music budget to the Budget and Finance Committee; operate the music program within the limitation of the annual music budget.

c)     Purchase music equipment and supplies according to the music budget and policies of the church.

d)     Supervise maintenance and use of the Music library, musical instruments, and other items that are under your authority.

e)     Carry out church-approved music policies and supervise music personnel.

f)      Give direction to a music ministry visitation program, which includes both regular and prospective members for various activities in the music program.

g)     Keep appropriate records.     



1.     Serve as assistant to the pastor in the area of pastoral duties as requested or in his absence, when so appointed. Such duties would include hospital visitation, weddings, funerals, counseling, benevolence, and the church ordinances of baptism and Lord’s Supper.

2.     Assist the pastor and give leadership in other areas of church-wide interest, such as revivals, budget subscription campaigns, and other church-wide emphases.

3.     Give leadership to various portions of the worship services as directed by the pastor.

4.     Cooperate with associational, state, and denominational leaders in matters of mutual interest and concern; keep the church informed of denominational development in church music; represent the church in civic matters.

5.     Serve as ex officio member of church committees and councils.

6.     Work as a part of the total staff-team effort in visitation and reaching people for Christ and enhancing church membership.

7.     Perform other duties as assigned by the Pastor and Elders.

About Holly Springs Baptist Church

Holly Springs Baptist Church is a young growing church outside of Nacogdoches, Texas. Nacogdoches is a growing community within East Texas with Stephen F. Austin State University. The church has a great reputation for attracting young and older adults from all over. The church is a contemporary-styled worship setting with a new stage and sound equipment. The average age of the members is very young and really focuses on the growth of its members and families.

Experience Required
1-5 years


Education Required
Some College

Date Posted
6 months ago
Garrison, Texas

Baptist: SBC

Church Size
300-500 people