Worship/Kids' Pastor


Job Description


Job Description

As a servant of the Lord and of the church, the Worship & Kids’ Pastor/Director and their family shall be involved in, and supporters of, the total programs and worship opportunities of Woodland. The Pastor/Director who fills this role will have leadership & oversight over both worship&kids’ministries. He is expected to be a proactive leader who nurtures and grows both ministries. He must have a firm calling (according to 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-8), strong work ethic, growing relationship with Jesus and the ability to work in a team environment. He will be responsible for leading all aspects of the Woodland music ministry and kids’ ministry (birth through 5th grade). He will cast vision, along with the Lead pastor, for the future of both ministries that supports the overall vision of the Church.


  • ● Required: Have a relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ that is evident by fruit in their life
  • ● Required: Must be a stable, mature, practicing christian and church member
  • ● Required: Must be dependable, consistent, and of good character
  • ● Required: Must have good organization and leadership skills
  • ● Required: Have a passion for exalting God, equipping the saints, and reaching the lost
  • ● Required: Experienced in working with music, leading worship, and knowledge of music
  • ● Preferred: Have formal training (3+ years) or equivalent experience in leading worship in a
  • church setting and/or working in kids’ ministry
  • ● Preferred: Licensed and Ordained into ministry
  • ● Required: strong lead vocal–musically gifted and trained to use musical instruments
  • ● Preferred: Multimedia, sound tech, and lighting development experience
  • General Responsibilities
  • ● Leadership
  • ○ Oversee worship & kids’ ministries
  • ○ Recruit, teach, train, and communicate effectively for new and current
  • supporters/leads who desire to work with the worship/kids’ ministries
  • ○ Supervising, overseeing, and delegating the various responsibilities in the
  • worship/kids’ ministries
  • ○ Make sure background checks have been conducted on all worship/kids’
  • leads/supporters
  • ● Planning
  • ○ Plan and organize worship/kids’ events and programming
  • ○ Plan, with the help of the worship/kids’ supporters, a yearly rough calendar of
  • events and activities, in the first week of November (a copy of these events and
  • activities will be given to the Lead Pastor and church office)
  • ○ Organize training sessions for worship/kids’ supporters when available/needed.
  • ○ Meet monthly/as needed with worship/kids’ supporters to pray and discuss
  • upcoming events, challenges, solutions and praises
  • ○ Direct all worship/kids’ out-of-town trips and retreats, with reservations for
  • lodging and food made prior to the events planned
  • ○ Abide by the ratio of adult supporters/leads per kid (one supporter/lead per six
  • kids)
  • ● Accountability and Supervision
  • ○ Direct accountability to the Lead Pastor, elders, and to the church for ministry,
  • conduct, and lifestyle
  • ○ Practice availability for parents and other church members to meet during the
  • week (Regular office hours)
  • ○ Communicate & resolve issues with the parents of an unruly kid(s)
  • ● Ministry
  • ○ Pray for the kids and worship team members and their families
  • ○ Provide discipleship opportunities at church and equip families for at home
  • discipleship
  • ● Financial
  • ○ Accompany all expenditures with the original receipts
  • ○ Prepare and plan the budgets for each ministry
  • ○ Stay within the budget as voted on and approved by the church and work with the
  • treasurer for any overages that might occur
  • ○ Take full responsibility for any expenditures that cannot be explained on the church
  • credit card assigned to this person
  • ○ Plan fundraisers when needed for kids events, trips, and expenditures
  • ● Any additional assigned tasks by the Lead Pastor
  • ● Adhere to Woodlands organizational doctrines, bylaws, policies and procedures
  • ● Work together with the church, staff, and leaders
  • ● Function as a member of the pastoral team
  • Worship/Music Ministry Responsibilities
  • ● Along with the Lead Pastor, direct, plan, coordinate and evaluate each worship service
  • ● Select, Schedule, and post the songs/materials for morning Worship Service as well as
  • Special Events in advance
  • ● Lead weekly practice with praise team
  • ● Lead and work closely with the media team regarding all audio/visual needs
  • ● Plan and schedule special music when needed
  • ● Manage the schedule for the praise team, band, and special music
  • ● Lead or delegate leading congregation in worship each week
  • ● Find worship team members to fill in during the event the of an absence
  • ● Attend staff meetings and help in general planning of church events
  • Kids’ Ministry Responsibilities
  • ● Promote and disciple spiritual growth and development of kids ages birth - 5th grade
  • ● Oversee kids’ registration, curriculum. and safety policies/practices in support of services
  • and special events
  • ● Be available to support kids in personal events
  • ● Be an advocate for the kids
  • ● Manage Woodland Kids’ ministry events –VBS, Summer Nights, Fall Festival, etc
  • ● Coordinate with Preschool the utilization of space, etc
  • Hours and Time
  • ● At least 40 hours per week are expected to be worked
  • ● Schedule of time worked and office hours will be managed with the Lead Pastor
  • ● Starting with 1 week of paid time off the first year
  • ● 2 weeks of paid time off will be given after the first year with additional time off given
  • during yearly reviews (i.e. - additional sick, personal days, allowed absences, sabbaticals,
  • and paid time off)
  • ● There will be 6 total allowed absences from services (i.e. - Sunday and Wednesday) per
  • calendar year as approved by the Lead Pastor
  • ● More absences should be worked out with the Lead Pastor only on emergency or special
  • circumstances
  • ● In the event that more than 40 hours in a week are worked, allowances for time off upon
  • request can be worked out with approval by the Lead Pastor; these should always be
  • planned ahead if possible
  • ● This position will allow 5 sick/personal days per year
  • ● Communicate in a timely manner (2 weeks or more in advance) with the Lead Pastor when
  • time off is needed
  • Working Conditions
  • ● Normal office environment with some stressful situations
  • ● Some travel is required to various locations
  • ● Serves diverse populations in a caring and loving atmosphere
  • ● Activities indoors, outdoors and off campus in a variety of venues
  • Physical & Mental Demands
  • ● Willing to do ministry after office hours on occasions when needed
  • ● Walking, Standing, sitting and occasional waiting
  • ● Light lifting, bending, pushing and pulling
  • ● Ability to drive and airline travel
  • ● Ability to manage multiple demands on time
  • ● Requires a balance between personal spiritual life, learning opportunities, socialization,
  • service opportunities and needed services
  • ● Ability to remain calm when dealing with crisis and/or confidential and sensitive situations
  • This position is a full-time salary position - Salary range of $32,000 - $45,000 per year.
  • Salary, benefits and all matters regarding employment may be negotiated. Any concerns regarding employment not addressed in this job description are subject to the church bylaws and the policies and procedures manual. 

Experience Required
1-5 years


Education Required
Some College

Date Posted
1 year ago
Waynesville, North Carolina


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