Director of Mission and Evangelism

St. George's Episcopal Church

Job Description

Director of Mission and Evangelism (DME)

Position Classification: Permanent, Exempt, Salaried

Benefits: Full medical / dental coverage, Term Life Insurance, paid time off (vacation and sick time), pension, continuing education, sabbatical leave, work from home, relocation expenses

Supervision: The Director of Mission and Evangelism (DME) works under the supervision of the Rector (executive pastor).

Work Schedule: Typically 40 hours per week, Sunday - Thursday, with occasional evening and weekend commitments (with flexibility to adjust schedule as needed). Staff members are encouraged to work remotely one day per week. The DME should observe at least one continuous 24-hour period of sabbath each week apart from work duties.

Position Overview: The Director of Mission and Evangelism (DME) is an integral part of the ministry team at St. George’s, and joins the Church at a pivotal point. As St. George’s moves towards an outward orientation and commitment to living out Christ’s love for our community in ways that transform lives, the DME will help build relationships to help serve as the basis of St. George’s mission and ministry.

As Director of Mission, the DMW will have the opportunity to shape the form and perspective of St. George’s mission work while helping continue to reorient towards the people served, not simply the ministries themselves. The DME will provide logistical and pastoral support to the lay leaders of outreach ministries and listen for energy around new ministries. As Director of Evangelism, the DME will join in the formation of St. Georgians to understand the church’s mission and ministries as evangelism in the broadest sense of the word, witnessing to God’s love. The DME will engage the parish in learning how to share that message across boundaries in ways that invite engagement without communicating judgment.

As a central staff position, the DME will work in close collaboration with the clergy, staff, and lay leaders of the parish to equip the St. George’s community to live out God’s vision of justice, care, and peace in the world. As a member of an Episcopal community, the DME will join a community committed to queer inclusivity, racial justice, and equity for all marginalized groups.

Qualifications and Skills:

Examples of qualifications might include: high school diploma and 5 years’ relevant experience, bachelor’s degree and 3 years’ relevant experience, significant volunteer experience, or other professional license such as an LCSW.

  • Experience working in community-based organizations (churches, non-profits, etc.)
  • Excellent relationship-building, teamwork, and overall people skills
  • Leadership experience with volunteers
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, and Outlook
  • Grant writing experience is a plus.
  • Social media experience is a plus.

Duties: The DME is responsible for specific tasks in the following areas:

  1. Mission Ministries
  2. Community Engagement
  3. Evangelism and Storytelling


Mission Ministries – 50%

The DME is the caretaker of outward-facing and service ministries in relation to St. George’s mission of loving community. Similarly, the DME brings needs, ideas, and events in the community to the attention of St. George’s. Finally, the DME is a passionate storyteller - both to and about St. George’s – and assists in recruiting and forming lay ministers. The DME is not expected to lead ministries. Instead, the DME shepherds and forms lay leaders to do so.

1.             Provide logistical and pastoral support to The Table at St. George’s, a $125,000/year market-style fresh food pantry, including support to ministry leaders, fundraising committee, and coordinating with other groups at the church. Provide pastoral presence during The Table weekly distribution in Market Square. Serve as church point of contact for Table partners (Micah, Fredericksburg Food Access Forum, Virginia Community Food Connections, Community Foundation, etc.).

2.             Provide logistical and pastoral support to Community Dinner ministry leaders, support leaders in their work with outside groups who provide meals, manage check requisitions, ensure volunteers have needs met, provide regular pastoral presence to volunteers and diners, liaise with Micah Ministries about dinner updates, connect Community Dinner ministry with others who share the kitchen space.

3.             Serve as primary staff contact for other outreach, service, and justice ministries, including Haiti Mission, Environmental Stewardship Committee, Refugee Ministry, Racial Justice and Healing, Micah Christmas Breakfast, and more.

4.             Serve as primary church/staff contact for other service engagement partnerships in the local planning district, especially SAWs, Virginia and the Interfaith Community Council.

5.             Attend and assist in coordinating tri-annual meetings of Mission at St. George’s (including Grace in Action, World Mission, Racial Justice and Healing, and Environmental Stewardship Commissions)

6.             Watch for the energy of the Holy Spirit in St. Georgians for new ministry opportunities, and shepherd them into fruition.

Community Engagement: 30%

The DME provides leadership and vision for St. George’s to respond to the needs and goals of community and neighborhood groups by establishing, deepening, and sustaining relationships with other partner organizations and community leaders.

1.             Be a visible face in the City of Fredericksburg and community, seeking out needs and opportunities, particularly among marginalized groups and across lines of difference.

2.             Attend Micah Ecumenical Ministries meetings, liaise with Street Church, and share opportunities for St. George’s to partner with and support neighbors experiencing homelessness.

3.             Help establish partnerships and relationships with local community organizing efforts.

4.             Seek out connections with underserved or marginalized neighborhoods.

Evangelism and Storytelling: 20%

The DME tells the story of God’s work in the world through St. George’s, and helps others do the same. Public presentations and other forms of communicating the “why” of this work is central to this role.

1.             Share the Good News of St. George’s missions in written and verbal form in congregation-facing communications and outward communications.

2.             Help equip St. Georgians to tell the Good News of our missions in their own lives and ministries – together with clergy and other staff.

3.             Preach on occasion (as comfortable) or work towards that possibility.

To apply for the Director of Mission and Evangelism position, please email a resume and cover letter to: [email protected]

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