Job Description

Job Description


Youth Pastor

(Proposed Salary $35,000-45,000 per year)

Responsibilities to Youth:

·      Develop and conduct an effective discipleship ministry for the Middle and High School age youth.

·      To be the primary Bible teacher for the weekly youth ministry meetings.

·      To serve as one of the team teachers of either the Middle School Sunday School Class or the High School Sunday School Class.

·      His teaching ministry shall generally hold the youth's attention and effectively communicate God’s Word while making accurate interpretations of God’s Word and practical applications to the youth’s life.

·      Plan and/or coordinate monthly youth activities (service, missions, events, games etc.).

·      Monitor and work within designated youth budget and plan youth fundraisers when necessary.

·      Develop and conduct an effective outreach campaign internally and externally to the community.

·      Maintain effective relationships with other area churches and coordinate joint events within reason.

·      Establish a long-term vision in how the church can effectively engage the youth.

·      Search out and plan at least two youth retreats per year (summer camp or mission’s trip, winter retreat, etc.).

·      Disciple youth group individuals as he has the opportunity, provide pastoral care, and offer biblical counsel to the youth and their families as needed.

·      His ministry to the youth shall include developing a relationship with the parents and facilitating communication, counsel, encouragement, and support as needed.

·      Recruit, train, utilize, and supervise adult volunteers as dictated by the overall size of the youth ministry.

·      Meet regularly with youth ministry volunteers for the purpose of planning and training.


Responsibilities to Local Community:

·      Help oversee summer Vacation Bible School, Fall Festival, and other church outreach ministries for college age and younger.

·      He shall be personally involved in the teaching, counseling, and pastoral care of college age youth/students including those enrolled in schools outside of the area.


Administrative Responsibilities:

·      Communicate consistently and effectively with Pastoral staff, Children’s Ministry staff and Deacon Board (quarterly meetings/regular updates).

·      Coordinate with the Senior Pastor, the Operations Director, and the Deacon Board as necessary to achieve ministry goals.

·      Regularly attend FBC services and support other church programs.

·      Oversee the Sunday Evening Kids Program and its ministry.

·      Assist the Senior Pastor as directed.

·      Preach, teach, and make pastoral visits as directed by the Senior Pastor.

·      Fill in for the Senior Pastor when he is absent as directed by the Senior Pastor.

·      Assist the Senior Pastor and deacons in the strategic planning and leadership of the Church.

·      Be available for Sunday morning worship service announcements, welcome center room or as directed by the Senior Pastor.

·      Be committed to maintaining and operating with the upmost Christian integrity.




·      Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree from a Bible College.

·      Continue to meet the biblical qualifications of a pastor outlined in 1 Tim. 3:1-11.

·      Exhibit the ability to cooperate with, relate to, and effectively work with a broad spectrum of personalities within the congregation.

·      Profess to be born again, be able to explain how that process took place in your own life and how others can receive that free gift as well.

·      Must be/become a member of Fellowship Baptist Church and remain in good standing.

·      Be living a life in accordance with having a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ (there needs to be evidence to others of being a Christian).

·      Agree with the doctrine and follow the FBC Constitution.

·      Must look at this position as both a job (responsibility) and as a ministry (service).

·      Maintain regular business hours as agreed to with the Senior Pastor and Operations Director as well as submit a weekly ministry log.

·      Must be currently serving in some type of church ministry(s).

·      Be willing to work well with coworkers and respect the authority of Biblical church leadership.

Experience Required
Entry Level


Education Required
Bachelor's Degree

Date Posted
1 year ago
Willow Spring, North Carolina


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