Job Description

Job Summary:

Pastorally serve our congregation with the purpose of bringing glory to the name of Jesus


1. A disciple of Jesus, who is willing to pursue loving and living like Jesus

2. Models obedience, growth, and authenticity

3. Competent in working with people, self-disciplined, and positive in attitude

4. Eager to grow the ministry of FCC locally, regionally, and globally

5. Exhibits integrity in word and action


1. Lead a life of relationships and study, seeking to bring the glory to God

2. Lead the preaching team in the teaching of FCC to love and live like Jesus

3. Pastorally serve our church community in visiting and prayer, relationally strong

4. Help the eldership develop a discipleship plan with the goal of helping FCC into deeper relationship with Jesus as Lord

5. Pursues God’s people to train them and help them use their talents in the faith community


1. Expand impact of pastoral ministry

2. Develop and disciple other leaders

3. Grow personally (i.e. booked, seminars, classes, counseling)

Specific Responsibilities:

1. Preach 24-30 times a year as part of the preaching team

2. Oversee the leading of the staff (i.e. staff meetings, staff responsibilities, staff relationships, spiritual leading, prayer, etc.)

3. Primary spokesperson to the church partnered with the leadership of the Eldership, communicating what collectively has been intended to set before the faith community

4. Partner with the Eldership in the vision and direction for FCC

5. Recruit, train, and mentor people into pastoral ministries

6. Work in direction of and in partnership with the preaching team

7. Work in partnership with the Elders with the deacons and deaconess to enable and empower people to do the work God has called them to do within His church

8. Direct congregant questions to the most appropriate ministry deacon, deaconess, or elder

9. Oversee the Sunday morning services

10. Oversee the communication of announcements with the congregation

11. Oversee the communication of FCC related emails with members and non-members

12. Hospital and home visits

13. Prayerfully consider weddings and funerals

Experience Required
5-10 years


Education Required
Bachelor's Degree

Date Posted
1 year ago
Tuscola, Illinois


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