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Job Description

Position Description:

Packsaddle Fellowship seeks a humble and transparent believer to serve as our Discipleship Pastor, a new position within our church. The ideal candidate will have the spiritual gifts of teaching, administration, encouragement and be passionately committed to clearly proclaiming the gospel of grace and helping believers cultivate spiritual maturity. One of the primary objectives of this new position is managing and enhancing existing small groups within our church, and timely create new groups to facilitate the study of God's word among those who are a part of our fellowship.


  • Born-again believer who is maturing in their faith, who adheres to the beliefs of Packsaddle Fellowship (see PSF website www.packsaddle.us; "About Us, What We Believe").
  • Meets the requirements of I Timothy 3 and Titus 1 for a pastor.
  • Degree from a grace-oriented seminary of at least two years is desired.
  • Strong knowledge of the Bible with a passion for Christian discipleship and a heart for small groups.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Hands-on experience in small groups ministries, to include participation, leadership, and the training of small group leaders.


Under the Lord's guidance:

Ensure Enriching Small Group Environments: Assist each small group in establishing a safe and encouraging environment for Christian fellowship where closeness and open communication can be both safely given and received by all participants. Help each small group member and leader develop a sense of belonging and a deepening appreciation of God's love. Assist and encourage each small group leader to develop these traits within his/her group.

Apply Organizational Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Encourage and facilitate the connection of all small groups to one another (the other small groups), as well as to other ministries within the church. Develop guidelines to ensure that the small groups are not simply isolated islands within the church, but that the small groups become an integral, and essential, part of the Packsaddle Fellowship church body.

Cultivate the Small Groups Program: Develop an understanding of the makeup of existing small groups and use that knowledge to effectively connect those who attend our church with an appropriate small group. When considering a placement into a small group, consult with small group leaders to find or confirm an appropriate placement recommendation with the make-up of small groups may being diverse or non-diverse. The extent of the diversity within each small group will be determined under the Lord s guidance.

Identify, Train and Improve Small Group Leaders: Identify and cultivate small group leaders who demonstrate an ever-increasing Christian maturity. Develop and implement a training program to prepare and equip new and existing small group leaders to lead. In a spirit of kindness and Christian love, periodically monitor new small groups and new leaders to provide any necessary assistance. Stay proficient by conducting small groups in the absence of the regular leader, or upon request.

Develop and Use Curricula: Work with the Senior Pastor and the elders to develop curricula (and underlying lesson plans) which may be used by small groups. In cases where a small group has developed its own curriculum, encourage, under the Lord s guidance, the sharing of that curriculum among the other groups. Work with the Senior Pastor to develop a curriculum than could be used in conjunction with weekly sermon notes.

Handle Conflict Quickly and Appropriately: Work in partnership with the Senior Pastor, elders, and small group leaders to anticipate and identify conflict and respond to that conflict according to the Lord's application of Scripture. To this end shepherd the small groups toward healthy group dynamics.

Prepare and Deliver Sermons: As scheduled or as requested by the Senior Pastor or elders be available, prepare, and deliver Sunday sermons (but not on a full-time basis).

Assist the Senior Pastor and Support Team: As needed, assist the Senior Pastor with conducting Sunday morning activities, as well as coordinate with, and assist other members of the Packsaddle Fellowship team (staff and volunteers), to ensure the delivery of the Gospel. Perform such other duties as assigned.

Manage Budget: Manage any budgets allocated to the Small Groups Ministry.

Packsaddle Membership: Be a regular participant in public worship at Packsaddle Fellowship and remain a member in good standing.

Residence:  Once hired, live in Kingsland, Texas, or the immediate surrounding area.

About Packsaddle Fellowship

Packsaddle Fellowship

Packsaddle Fellowship is a comfortable, come as you are, Christ-centered church of approximately 175 regularly attending worship services. Like our community, it’s a diverse mix of traditional and non-traditional folks. While our congregation has theological diverse backgrounds, the church is grounded upon sound Bible teaching including that salvation and sanctification is by God’s grace. Our teaching and preaching endeavor to make this theology very relevant to the church body in their relationship with God. While predominately a mature congregation, we have a strong and active contingent of families and adults of all ages. Our congregation and staff engage in and support a caring and nurturing ministry to our fellowship, seek to address the ever-present needs of the community, and sustain a missions program that supports like-minded ministries and missionaries.

Kingsland, Texas

Kingsland, a very diverse community, is an unincorporated small town located about 60 miles west of Austin. Being on Lake LBJ, its thriving commerce and outdoor activities revolve around the lake and resort life, with its population being composed of a mix of long-time locals, relocated retirees, and weekenders. The recent urban exodus has impacted its growth as well as the housing market. In addition to lake life, it’s also a blue-collar town, and it has its share of poverty, and in certain areas, a drug culture not too far under the surface. The community is served by two separate school districts. Health care services are readily available within the area being serviced by three well established health care systems. All in all, the residents of Kingsland, whether a well-off retired couple or a family struggling to may ends meet, are very much real down-home folks who love living in this very scenic part of the Texas hill country.

Experience Required
1-5 years


Education Required
Some College

Date Posted
8 months ago
Kingsland, Texas


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