Job Description

Liberty Heights is looking for a capable leader who can build and develop dynamic worship teams as a “player/coach”. The ideal candidate is someone who is a gifted musician that can win the trust of other musicians and has the ability to lead and organize teams. They should have experience leading worship in large rooms and big stages but have the humility and people skills to take a back seat in order to develop teams.

Multi-site experience would be a plus as this leader will be responsible for multiple environments. The role will also include creative leadership over a full-time communication marketing director. They should be able to envision and articulate a plan to reach people in the community through the weekend experience.


College degree preferred.

Mid to large church experience with a track record of being a team builder. Candidates do not necessarily need to be ordained pastors but pastoral experience is an advantage.

Exceptional musical skills in voice and instrumentation with preference given to leading from guitar.

The church is loosely Reformed but candidates should be moderate in this area Emphasis on candidates who are not currently enrolled in school or have plans to go back to school in the near future (as the role will require immediately getting up to speed). 

About Liberty Heights Church

Liberty Heights Church is a large and thriving Southern Baptist Church located in the suburbs of Northern Cincinnati. The church has three locations, with one primary sending Campus plus two nearby satellite campuses, all with live teaching. Each of these multi-generational congregations are located in communities that are growing rapidly with young families. In addition, the church has launched two mission-campus ministries (Hispanic service at Sending Campus and Inner-City ministry serving a high-need community). Mission and service exist at the center of Liberty Heights’ ministry vision.

Liberty Heights is governed by three core values: Dependent Prayer, The Priority of Relationships (Biblical Community), The Authority & Sufficiency of Scripture. The values drive the church towards dependence on God, His Word and other Christians.

The church is contemporary in approach to worship and discipleship, and employs an expository teaching style. They place a great emphasis on transformational application through a deeper understanding of how the affections of our hearts drive one's behavior. They have a clear discipleship strategy that flows from preschool to adulthood and is executed through both large and small groups.

The Liberty Twp. campus (Sending Campus) has an average Sunday morning attendance of 750 people. After sending out members to be part of other campus launches, they currently have one worship service with the plans to grow into two services again in 2023. The worship ministry has a very talented team of musicians with volunteers currently leading worship during this time of transition. The campus worship teams collaborate each week with similar styles employed at each campus. The Sending Campus drives the cultural & stylistic tone for the entire ministry at all campuses. 

Experience Required
1-5 years


Education Required
Bachelor's Degree

Date Posted
1 year ago
Liberty Twp, Ohio

Baptist: SBC

Church Size
500-750 people